Explaining is losing

Labour are real touchy right now, especially Trevor Mallard and Clare Curran.

Clare Curran posted a Nek Minnit parody post on Sunday. It would be funny if she wasn’t an MP.  But since she did post it and left comments open and since she could see no reason why she shouldn’t make fun of the PM I thought I would add a few Mek Minnit parodies myself. Well a few later and I now find myself in moderation. It seems that Clare Curran can dish out the crap but can’t take it.

She also has banned Inventory from Keeping Stock as well apparently because his comment broke the rules:

Clare had posted a raw meat post for her rabid followers and people were piling in putting up more and more offensive comments about John Key,. which I might add are all still there and Invetory puts up a comments that was totally in line with the whole pretense of the post that said:

“Phil Goff sold $9b worth of assets in the 1980’s; nek minnit…”

Then he was banned for being offensive. Clare Curran then compounds her sensitivitiy by then lying about why he was banned after other commenters told her off.

There is absolutely nothing in Inventory’s comment that breaks any of those rules, in fact it is quite circumspect compared to some of the others that are there, including mine. Like this one for example:

So that is ok but not the political opposite and more polite comment from Inventory?

Clare Curran, woman who professes to want to “control the message” is really taking her own advice just a bit too far. It seems that Labour still have not realised that while posts like that are ok on blogs of people who aren’t MPs they fall disastrously flat when done by humourless and grumpy control freaks. If you are going to through raw meat to the crowds then you have to be prepared for some hyenas to come scavenging.

UPDATE: Grant Robertson edits my comment before releasing from moderation. This is what I said that offended him so much.


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  • rouppe

    Trevor put me in permanent (apparently, cause I’m still unable to post) moderation because I reminded him that it was he who threatened Martin Pugh with an assault by beer bottle.

    This was in a comment in relation to a post by Trevor that National could never have won the hosting rights to the RWC, and it was only because of Labour that it happened.

    Apparently that made me a troll.

  • thor42

    Yep, that’s Labour through and through. “Control everything. The Gummint knows best how to spend your money for you.”
    Remember the lightbulbs fiasco? I think there was a shower-head one as well.
    Control and more control.
    Bleed the workers dry and give their money to the ignorant, lazy and feckless.

  • Gravdodger

    @ roupe 0509 it was Vernon Pugh he threatened.

  • Cheers for the support Cam. At the end of the day, what I say means absolutely nothing, because I have no desire whatsoever to seek public office. But conversely, Clare Curran IS seeking public office, and shows that she will say whatever she has to in order to justify her position, even when it is a complete falsehood.

    At the end of the day, it would have been much easier for Clare to have me inside the tent. Instead, I am now on the outside, pissing in. I have no desire to resort to the level of nastiness that Trevor Mallard shows, nor am I a liar. But if she is going to bandy terms of endearment like that around, I won’t be taking it lying down. Which of your Rules of Politics is Never F*ck With a Blogger?

  • Agent BallSack

    That guy is highly literate for someone from Dunedin IMO!
    As for rule number 4 – dont tell lies, how does any Labour party member get around that one?

    OHHH ~ Dont tell lies*
    *Unless you are in opposition and a member of the Labour Party.


  • treva

    treva mal­lard, campaign manager. nek minnit… 26%

    • Oh, now that’s very funny. {snort}
      – Peter

    • Pharmachick

      Now THAT, was laugh-out-loud funny! :-)

    • Bunswalla

      Very funny Treva [chortle] milk nearly came out my nose when I read that {guffaw}. Do keep it up

      – Bunswalla

      – B

  • Scanner

    Isn’t it surprising two of the arsewipes from the Erin Leigh debacle are leading the charge on Dead Blert, not.
    It’s a complete waste of time trying to post anything on the wankfest that Lairbor call a blog, with those two running interference on anything that even resembles frank discussion, and we all thought Helen left town, obviously she forgot to take her control freak alter egos with her.
    We all know Mallard is a spineless cunt, confirmed after his silence over Erin Leigh, and it now looks like the dumb blonde studied under Joseph Goebbels.
    What a pair of losers, both about as much use as a one legged man at an arse kicking competition.

  • pdm

    Agent Ballsack – re that guy Clare Curran – he’s a she .

    • Agent BallSack

      Yeah, she’s a Labour skank for Dunedin Sth..I was talking about the famous in Dunedin skateboarder with the awesome teeth, Levi Hawken lol

      Promise #1 Flouride for Dunedin’s water supply, and less P

  • Steve

    Nek Minnit Grant is deleting part of WhaleOil’s comment.
    Sad sad fucks on Red Blurt

  • Doc

    Cam, I’m sure we can come up with quite a few Nek Minnit moments for Labour. I suggest that a thread is started as such and that you apply Labours rules to it ;)

  • GPT

    I would regard the explanation as defamatory. More than happy to do the shit-o-gram requiring a retraction.

  • Dion

    The democratic process has never been about debate for the left. It’s all about a means to an end.

    Is it any surprise that they’re trying to “control the message”?

  • Doc

    This one is still “awaiting moderation”

    Phil said he never asked caucus if he should resign…Nek Minnit

    But we could run with others like:
    Helen was in Geraldine…Nek Minnit
    Peter was at LAX…Nek Minnit
    Helen said Dover was only guilty of working hard for his constituents…Nek Minnit
    Dover was AOK till he said he might go solo…Nek Minnit
    Darren was having a few drinks with the party faithful…Nek Minnit
    Annette had a Swiss Ball…Nek Minnit
    Labour toured on “Axe the Tax”…Nek Minnit

  • si

    I got banned yesterday by comrade Trevor in response to this post.

    All I asked was if they could find a job for Trevor, though if he were three more times productive it still wouldn’t amount to much.

    No sense of humour.

  • Toby

    Aw precious. Clare is trying to show that the Labour Spokesperson for Communications and Information Technology is hip and ‘down with the yoof’ by talking about an internet meme.

  • oldlogger

    “that guy Clare Curren-he’s a she”

    Easy mistake to make. It’s all very cofusing over on Red Alert. That guy Steve Chadwick – she’s a girl. (would ya believe it?)

  • Positan

    Curran, Mallard and Robertson epitomise the Left’s essential flaw. They see not reality, only their individual perception of it. Simply, their whole puny beings are inferiority-complex driven, so anyone who challenges their perceptions is automatically a threat – not merely the holder of a different point of view.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Fear not all, being moderated out for dissenting, or any right wing views is standard at the standard as well as other lefty blogs. Quite dissappointing really.
    On the he\she subject, Labour have gone from a man to a woman leader, and look whats happened, poll freefall.

  • Misanthropic Curmudgeon

    I got banned from Red Alert (by Trevor Mallard, for ‘lying’) for asking how Labour was going to pay for their $4Billion-$5Billion additional spend that they had promised should they win in 2011.

    I also managed to get “moderate[d] with extreme predjudice” on g.blog for pointing out that we dont have poverty in NZ according to the UN definition of poverty.

  • Michael

    I asked when I could see Trevor Mallard at an event in Hutt South, and for pointing out that I hadn’t seen him at any for two years. He replied he had been to Wainuiomata Mall three times that month. He got upset when I pointed out Wainui was only 20% of his electorate and that Paul Quinn was more prominent over the hill on the Valley Floor for turning up to events.

    I’ve been out of moderation but have managed to escape with a couple of warnings.

    Anyway, because I don’t want to be banned at Red Alert:

    Labour votes for electoral law, nek minnit…