Focussing on the things that matter, Ctd

Jacinda Ardern finds watching people using a toaster in the Koru club amusing. Nice to be one of the elites worrying about toaster congestion in an airport lounge when the prols are outside sitting ont he floor waiting for the plane.


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  • Conway Captain

    Yes and we are paying for her to have the priivilege of sitting in the Koru Lounge.

    • thor42

      Yeah. Axe the f**king perks NOW!
      FFS – haven’t Act thought of making “demolition of perks” one of their main election policies? If not, then they should do. If it already is, then it sure as hell isn’t high-profile enough.

  • Scanner

    A smile from that set of nashers should be enough to clear the space round the toaster.

  • wally

    you can hardly get a seat in the koru lounge these days for all the bloody civil servants.

  • “you can hardly get a seat in the koru lounge these days for all the bloody civil servants.”

    Not only that Wally, we’re paying for their damn seats too…!!!

  • Hard1

    Ardern’s ivory smuggling makes me smile every time .

  • diabolos

    I always feel im sitting in a cossie club somewhere in the ozarks in these threads sometimes.

    Some comments …

  • diabolos

    I always feel im sitting in a cossie club in the ozarks on some of these threads.

    Some comments …

    – She has big teeth – we all know that guys jeez – some of you probably have excessive nose hair or hair out your ear lugs – or worse patchy growth around your asses
    – They are all sitting in Koru lounges – labour National Greens Maori Party lesbian feminist shagadelic vampires … the bloody lot of them – big fucking deal – we all know that
    – She has a horsey look about her – fuck me days boys – ever looked at the old sheila in the morning and wished for a makeup artist? If not – then lucky you – cradle snatcher you

    Yes you are paying for her – yes you are paying for all the pollies – get fucking over it or go and live in Libya and fund the new ruling islamic elite over there. It seems to suit the John Wayne OK Corral mentality. Till they turn on your white or otherwise asses. Then you are all fucked.

    God help us all if we’re ugly, mentally challenged, have big teeth, a speech impediment or just human. I think some of you need to publish a definitive list of what is acceptable.
    Just as a guide … “gives blowjobs like brandeen …” probably isnt whats required.

    I’ve said before – im certain technology is taking us backwards. This is sort of living proof.

    The stupid, the trite, the minutae, the mindless detail of life becomes a major issue.

    Note to all – even pollies have to pull down their pants to take a shit or a piss occasionally. My source … and this probably applies to pollies and bloggers .. is the good book and i quote

    Isaiah 36:12
    Hath my master sent me to thy master and to thee to speak these words? hath he not sent me to the men that sit upon the wall, that they may eat their own dung, and drink their own piss with you?

    How’s that for basic. Makes comments on the line at an airport toaster sort of pale by comparison. Enough to put you off breakfast.

    Get real guys … How far will we go?? have a feeling there is a bit of metaphor and allusion in the biblical statement but hey – its all just my opinion.

    • joe bloggs

      Is it my imagination or has the tone of this blog diminished recently?

      Diabolos you need to get a little anger management, or fuck off back to that rock you just crawled out from under

    • Richard

      You sound like a Ratana Bible College graduate.

    • Diabolos I don’t give a crap if she has big teeth or a giant nose or hairy armpits or tits the size of watermelons. There are 2 things that really get me about this particular trough pig. First, she is a silly bint who has never had a real job yet presumes to think she can run the country (although of course she’s far from alone there). Secondly she’s a committed communist and as the former president of the International Union of Socialist Youth would utterly destroy New Zealand in way that the Klarkenfuhrer could only ever dream about, were she ever to be given any real power.

      In summary it’s the deadly combination of rampant leftist, absolutely no experiencemin e productive world and silly little girl that make me terrified shell one day be a Minister of the Crown.

      • diabolos

        Now THAT – i can understand GG. Cams posts about this are very valid (in my opinion) and frankly i reckon he has picked up on something that all pollies should be wary of – trivialising their role by uncontolled use of social media). That was the only point i was making in my typically longwinded and boring manner. Cam didnt attack how she looks etc – he posted about the issue and how that tweet and her location at that time looked to the viewers of same – stunningly clear. I can clearly understand your reasons, respect them and she is a pollie so its all part of her game. The words “trough pig” and “bint” dont bother me at all (not that it matters) – its clear what the issues are.

        I would say ‘its only my opinion’ but i might get trampled in the rush to drown me. Thanks for the comment mate.

      • Oh and to finish it off, I’d say she’s then rule rather than the exception in our political classes. Every party has these dangerously mediocre and inexperienced nut cases in their midst (Calvert in ACT, the entire Green caucus and the entire National front bench, and there thenprosecution rests).

  • Gravdodger

    As if Diabolos wasn’t bad enough now we get it with Diarrhoea.

  • kimbo

    diabolos you are a dickhead…….but hey its all just my opinion

  • kimbo

    diabolos you are a dickhead….but then again, it is just my opinion

  • kimbo

    diabolos you are a dickhead….but then again, it is just my opinion ….

    • diabolos

      Got it in 3 – well said

      but it is only my opinion …

  • Alex

    “The stu­pid, the trite, the min­u­tae, the mind­less detail of life becomes a major issue.”

    As you so amply demonstrate with your tiresome posts.

    Any post that doesn’t meet you approval is subject to screeds of pompous, self-important waffle as you try to show the miscreant the error of his/her ways.

    Give us a break,

    “Just an opinion” as you say.

    • diabolos

      Fair comment …

  • Troy

    I regularly watch her on the breakfast show and the more I observe her the more she is directly of the Helen Clark mould – scary. I’ve also seen her angry tirades in the Debating Chamber – and that’s even more scary coz the teeth become even more of a distraction – reminds of some snakes that are able to dislocate their jaws. Of course Labourites will love her because she is like Clark, except she has a pretty face. I find her counter-arguments often are flawed and she is deeply rooted in thinking that Labour’s policies shine out of the very arse of her mentor – and that’s a pity for a party that is already backwards in mentality.