Focussing on things that matter, Ctd

Grant Robertson has been oggling Welsh WAGS.

Trevor Mallard was focussed on things Welsh as well:

Focussing on things that matterThe voters will be so pleased that these two leading lights in the Labour party are more interested in Welsh rugby supporters than constituent concerns.


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  • Gravedodger

    Dopey buggers probably think they will vote come November 26th, then again they just might, make a change from all the dead voters.

  • Pat

    Someone enjoying a rugby game at a pub on a Sunday evening? Call the police!

  • kevin

    Why would they bother? It’s like letting folk know it’s raining or sunny. Of course there lots of hot WAGS and the Welsh can stir emotions singing, we all know that stuff.

  • Bobm

    I note on “Red Alert” that Grant has been eavesdropping in the urinal at WOW. Now that is a worry.

  • diabolos

    I think the point is – why bother living your life down to every little infinitesimal detail in the highly accessible realm of tweeting. Thats the job of bloggers – not politicians or serious leaders.

    It possibly doesnt mean they arent focussing on things that matter – it may just mean they are joined at the hip to the sheer dumbness of what passes for communication these days.

  • Monty

    no problem. labour have given up on 2011. Grant no longer is bothering with the stall at the Chaffers market on Sunday morning (as no one ever went and talked to them regardless).

    I imagine Granty and Trev are confident of winning their seats back. So instead of working for a result, they might as well sit back and enjoy the ride, and watch Goff destroy Helens Precious Labour Party.