Focussing on things that matter, Ctd

Phil Twyford is focussing on the things that Kiwi voters want MPs to focus on….comparing a Minister to a character from Thomas the Tank Engine


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  • Scanner

    What is the fixation with kids TV programmes, first Clare on the Teletubbies, and now the China Urinal is all hung up on Thomas the tank engine, has no one told them there is an election shortly or have they given up already.

  • thor42

    Calling the Labour MPs “plonkers” is like calling a war an “unfortunate incident”.

  • Whafe

    again, a Labour MP acts like a 4 year old.

    These MP’s seem to forget that they hold a position of responsibility. But with no ramifications for their actions, what do we expect, it much like society.

    Still can’t fathom the MP tweeting that John Key is a prick.

  • jabba

    Phil Twatford should leave this sort of stuff to we the masses

  • toby

    Seems like Labour MPs just use Red Alert blogs to be nasty pricks.

  • geoff3012

    They are all a bunch of Tards!

  • Attempted ridicule. In most cases, its all the cowardly left ever have.

  • Positan

    When you’ve nowhere else to go, and you’re completely out of ideas – and, if you can be honest even a little bit with yourself, you’ve no idea what you’re really supposed to be doing anyway – then retreating to a world of storybook characters where once you felt safe and unthreatened, where if there were difficulties, Mummy would fix them – must seem like a bloody good idea.

  • Daveg

    Who the fuck is Phil Twyford anyway? A list nobody soon to exit parliament.

  • diabolos

    Took me a while to work out the “china urinal” thing. Very good – funny.

    I read that post – and i thought the resemblance was very real – and there was a little bit of humour to it – just like the very strong lookalike aspect of Rodders and the evil genius from Thunderbirds. But you are all sadly right i think – MPs shouldnt be doing this. Personally i think Red Alert should be shut down and everyone get back to business. Blogging i reckon has become a bit of a cock-measuring competition and a “how much further than you can i pee…” (bit difficult for women but im sure some would try given half the chance). MPs should keep away from any semblance of blogging i think and that goes for tweeting and facebook pages as well.

    Communicating in “bits and bytes” and little packages of information doesnt do anything for the business of government or opposition. it does nothing for the political process.

    I reckon best bet for any political entity – stand outside Social Media and the current techie fad-wanks and build a human entity with a solid understanding of humanity and what communicates in a lasting fashion. People are hungry i reckon – for meaning and solidity. They will respond to something that goes beyond the quick bang behind the bikesheds (or on the banks of the hutt river) that the current silly style of politics seems to offer up like a cup of cold sick.

  • diabolos

    And remember i am a leftist – with a strong admiration for Ernesto Che Guevara – and Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales (among many others) … but i have to tell you – what is Red Alert and Labour left with in the ‘bleechosphere” – let me sum it up in one distinct and discrete word and symbolism …


    Beware – when the stupid, banal and just plain dumb is left to define you.

    And if you righties think you’ve got it sussed – lemme tell you – you have your own set of rotating clown heads/bottoms complete with either pingpong balls going in or being popped out – some revealed and some yet to be revealed. Heed the biblical warning that a wise man (or pollie party) does NOT build their house on sand (or in this case on vacant populism and skewed polling).

    Do i want John Key to remain Prime Minister with the group of gothic individuals and ghouls he has gathered around him in sepulchral manner – no i dont.