Focussing on things that matter, Ctd

Clare Curran continues to listen to Phil Goff and focus on the things that matter to Kiwi voters….like Teletubbies

Focussing on the things that matter


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  • pero

    She means that BBC children’s TV series Teletubbies?

    • jem

      Hahaha, good call.. Very “kiwi kids content”, so it was !!

      what a bunch of muppets they are!

  • Scanner

    But the Teletubies are alive and well, just watched Jacinda on Dead Blert and shes looking more like on every day

  • sthnjeff
    • Ciaron

      Evidently, there is a new team in the RWC… Everyone welcome Argentinia, who are apparently playing the Poms at some stage.

      Bloody muppet.

  • rouppe

    Teletubbies is hardly quality children’s content.

    It was probably the most intellectually damaging thing on TV at the time

  • diabolos

    I’ve often thought that technology is now taking us backwards .. dumbing us down.

    Twitter is an example – i dont think any party (not meaning political) can chuck rocks at any others tweets – they are all inane little bolt-ons to lives that may find that space a better use.

    Its all trite – and it reduces the meaning of life down to a stupid sound/mega-byte or whatever.

    Love the movie “Enemy of the State” where you see these bloggy type geek guys running the surveillance and intrusion apparatus for some pseudo CIA branch of Govt (like the SIS). They are depicted as “pud-pulling” spotty faced paleskinned little thieves of others lives and liberty, privacy and human rights.

    Probably with some justification.

    Life has become a cheap peepshow – open to all – filth or even worse as the case may be. I think Cams proverb post sums it up better than i ever could.

  • toby

    This woman is unbelievable. Is she next going to suggest that if (lol) Labour gets in to power (lol) she’ll introduce legislation regarding the kinds programming that are deemed suitable for kids? Probably. I don’t think she has any real ideas for her portfolio, just useless ambitions like mandating what people can watch and how they hear it.

  • thor42

    I thought that one of the very best children’s TV programs was “H.R. PufnStuf”. Witchiepoo in that was BRILLIANT!
    By far the best depiction ever of a witch! The humour was good as well – it even had a few topical jokes here and there for the older kids and adults.