Focussing on things that matter, Ctd

Trevor Mallard, the lame campaign manager, has been really focussing on things that matter to Kiwi voters….like managing his Facebook friends.

Things are pretty dire when you are thanking people for de-friending you.


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  • sthnjeff

    Doesn’t the fool realise that when defriended they cant see what he says anyway????

  • Steve

    The whole of NZ are about to unfriend you soon Trev. You must have said something that the 82 think is another lie maybe?

  • jabba

    he doesn’t have many NACT friends because he dumps them if they disagree with him .. I lasted about a week

  • monty

    Trev is a pussy, and will not accept friend offers from righties because he cannot handle he criticism. He gives it but cannot take it.