Following the blogs again, days later

Farrar posts about the sperm of people without souls being rejected at sperm-banks and then 2 days later the good little Fairfax repeater Stephanie Gardiner pipes up on Stuff with the exact same story.

The Herald on Sunday had four articles derived from social media or blogs.

I think the MSM model is broken.




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  • peterwn

    Then the Sydney Morning Herald (a Fairfax paper) runs it. That was the paper which wrongly accused a minister (presumably Maurice Williamson) of improper behaviour during RWC opening match.

  • js.mill

    It is working exactly as intended. Minimum labour input cost for maximum profit return. I want to know are editors telling journalists to pick up these stories or are journalists bringing these to editors?

  • MrV

    I suppose Farrar repeating it from the telegraph doesn’t count?

    The reality is newspapers would stories like this as ‘filler’ all the time. I’m not disagreeing about the lack of indepth hard hitting reports and analysis by MSM, but this isn’t exactly evidence.

    • Farrar linked to it and added a few pithy comments. Farrar is a blooger not a journalist, he finds interesting stuff and comments on it. Stuff did a whole rewrite and pretended like they had researched it all themselves.