Forget Peer Review, use Blog Review, Ctd

More interesting snippets from the ABC article on Blog review v. Peer Review:

A better system involving a combination of anonymous and online reviews is emerging to replace traditional review and is represented by journals such as The Cryosphere. Ideally we would see independent auditing of the results and conclusions of important papers, but as yet there is no funding for such a system, nor much enthusiasm for this among the scientific community. However, blogs such as Climate Audit are picking up the slack in this area with mixed reactions from the scientific community.

In terms of ground-breaking papers, the rate of misses is much greater than the hits. Indeed, for one branch of science, epidemiology, recent research suggests that most published findings are proven false within five years of publication. There is no reason to suggest that other disciplines have better score sheets. If an editor resigned every time a problem was found with a published paper, scientific publishing would quickly grind to a halt.

Most published findings proven false within five years! Are you reading this Nick Smith?



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  • PAt

    Jonah Lehrer wrote an article about the same sort of thing earlier this year (about findings being proved wrong).

    “The difficulties Lehrer describes do not signal a failing of the scientific method, but a triumph: our knowledge is so good that new discoveries are increasingly hard to make, indicating that scientists really are converging on some objective truth.” – George Musser (Scientific American)

    Contrary to what you believe, things being proved wrong mean science is working! This stuff is exciting! In the last few days, scientists have released data that seems to show neutrinos traveling faster than the speed of light. If this is true, it means none other than Eisenstein has been proved wrong (in one specific area of his work). This stuff should be praised, not mocked by a man that doesn’t understand the fundamentals of science.

    As a side note, Cam posted some videos with ‘auto tuned’ songs of famous scientists talking about science. It was cool, and for a moment, I wondered if someone hacked Cam’s account and posted them. They must have, as they are now gone and his normal attacks on science and reason have come back.

  • Pat

    And I can see them on here again. Strange.