Freddie Mercury would be 65 today

Today would have been Freddie Mercury‘s 65th birthday.

Google have honoured him with a Google Doodle and released a video to go with it.

Freddie Mercury Google Doodle

Queen’s Official Youtube channel has released a 65th Birthday Tribute video

And this has to be the greatest moment in Queen and Freddie Mercury history at Wembley at Live Aid.


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  • Kimbo

    Hmm. Used to be a big fan, and had all their albums, until my punk mate got a hold of me and pointed out they had more bombastic anthems than a Nuremberg rally.

    Still a great show man, though.

  • thor42

    He was **amazing**. Had an incredible voice, and a true showman.
    Queen were never the same after he died. Another of the many talented musicians who died far too soon.
    R.I.P. Freddie.

  • Brian Smaller

    I saw Queen live at their free concert in Hyde Park in London in 1976. I was a 14 year old Kiwi lad abroad and was gobsmacked by that concert.

  • Kevin Campbell

    Apparently Freddie was double jointed and used to sleep with the keyboard of his upright piano behind his head so he could play and write songs when he woke up.

    A true musical genius of multiple talents who started out as a painter and lived live to the full. Surely we must have one or two of these in NZ?

  • Pharmachick

    Freddie Mercury was a musical genius.
    Also, I went into my current career in order to, quite literally; “save the world” from HIV/AIDS. No longer am I so “narrowly” focussed, but I still hope to mak a difference one day …

    Much of my current outlook was inspired by Freddie Mercury’s enormous fortitude and dignity in the face of a debilitating disease and, as he knew; his own death sentence.

    I still work in medical research, but not HIV/AIDS anymore (more broadly now). I would still, yet; recommend the documentary on Freddie’s last days. It is an inspiring tale about an inspirational and wonderful man, who even in the darkest of times, held onto a personal strength of character and internal character that as phenomenal.

    Plus his music rocked.

  • Hey Jude

    Thank you for posting that. He was the sexiest man alive. And he would have been at 65 too.

  • Cactus Kate

    To be in that crowd at Wembley.
    Rocking. Has to be one of the greatest concerts ever.

  • Lynn Copplestone

    Thank you for all the memories Freddie – the world is a less colourful place without you:)

  • Michael

    Thank you for your post on Freddie Mercury, my wife thinks he is the sexiest man ever, I think he is the greatest artist ever, no one could match that voice, that stage presence, that energy.