Funding Blue Ducks?

They are more endangered than kiwi, but blue duck could be getting a numbers boost thanks to a $2.5m sponsorship deal.

The Conservation Department has signed the deal with Genesis energy who will help fund recovery efforts for blue duck, or whio, for the next five years.

Wow, I knew Trevor Mallard was depressed at the latest poll results, and focussed on fending off Cunners and Jones but I didn’t realise he was so depressed he needed massive funding.

They are classed as nationally vulnerable and are at risk from introduced predators.

On current polling he most certainly is vulnerable in Hutt South, Labour is certainly endangered nationally, and I guess I could be called a political predator.

Trevor Mallard is a blue duck based on recent poll results

Trevor Mallard is a blue duck based on recent poll results


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  • atrout

    Maybe an artificial breeding program would work for their entire front bench???? Although hybrid vigor night not even show up in Goff.

  • Gary

    Whew! When I saw the words “blue duck”, I thought it was a story about Mallard joining National! (Though I am sure he is tempted,,,)

  • peterwn

    Male mallards do have some blue on their heads.

    Agreed – if some members of a species lose the ability to identify the *real* enemy in times of strife, they risk causing the extinction of the whole species. For example Cam in a bike race is not a *real* enemy, but Cam as a blogger is a most dangerous enemy.

  • sthnjeff

    I can hear Fraser Colman and Sonya Davies turning in their respective graves at the mere prospect of this seat which Labour has held since 1946 through its predessors of Pencarrow and Petone. Probably unlikely to happen, but an interesting prospect all the same.

  • Will

    I would love to see him lose Hutt South! A shame McGillicuddy Serious never won the seat- they had plans to turn the hellhole that is Wainuiomata (where Trev and much of his underclass voter base call home) into an authentic Scottish Loch.