Get your popcorn ready

Chris Carter gives his valedictory speech in parliament today 5:45pm.

One of Parliament’s more controversial characters bids the place farewell today.

Chris Carter will deliver his valedictory speech.

Labour leader, Phil Goff, is side-stepping questions on whether his former colleague will take the chance for more pot shots at him and the party.

“It’s up to Chris Carter what he puts in his valedictory address. I wish him well for his future career. I’m not attempting to influence what he might or might not say, that’s up to him,” he says.

I wonder who will turn up?

No doubt his three Labour referees will turn up… and National’s entire caucus!


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  • At a guess, there should be at least SEVENTEEN Labour MP’s present…

  • diabolos

    His farewell gift could be a UN jumpsuit with a big target on the back – in sequins of course.

    Wont get many massages or bo-tox treatments in Afghanistan i should think.

  • liberty

    Does anyone really believe comrade Sponge Bob is going to live in the Afghanistan rubble.
    After 15yrs of burbles of office. It is more likely an office in a city more in line with his demands.
    Such as Bangkok. He can sit by the pool drinking pink gins . Send of the odd report to justify
    his parasitical lifestyle . After all Comrade Helen is reportedly responsible for the staving in Africa.
    That doesn’t mean she has to live there. No the Marxist UN enclave in New York is more her thing.

    • diabolos

      Liberty – neither Carter nor Clark are or ever were – marxists. They are and were part of the new hijacking of the workers movement to suit their particular lifestyle choices. No problem with their lifestyle choices – but dont shove it down other peoples throats by forcing it into governmental reality.

      So – they are an insult to Marx. Che Guevara was a Marxist and he lived his doctrine as a trained Medical Professional – he gave his life to that cause (literally) whether we agree with it or not.

      All Carter and Clark were after was validation for them and their particular outlook. Can you see either of them laying down their lives for a cause. I think not.

      Lets give Karl Marx a fucking break shall we. He doesnt deserve the approbrium heaped on him as a result of idiots like Lenin and Stalin onwards. Now if Alexander Kerensky had formed the final Russian Government – we would have seen a real Socialist Democracy.

      • I know you’re being deliberately inflammatory, but Guevara … really? Murderer of women and children in the name of “the cause”. A fucking coward who very, very belatedly got his just desserts in Bolivia. Pity someone didn’t think to drown the fucker at birth.

      • Liberty

        “nei­ther Carter nor Clark are or ever were – marx­ists.”
        A deluded Clark apologist.

      • diabolos

        Well GG – the jury is out on the accusations levelled at Guevara. He believed in armed struggle – and lets face it the CIA (cunts in america) made a career out of disinformation and also interference in Latin America. Only people who wanted to live in Batistas cuba were the rich and the mafia – and the americans.

        G W Bush is a child murderer by definition – so are the British Army by definition – so are the settlers in NZ who enacted the Maori Land wars just to suit the colonists – ie Parihaka and numerous others. Tony Blair and the british people are child murderers – so are the Chinese currently after ‘cheerfully’ ‘reintegrating’ the benighted Tibetan people. Ask the Uighur minority what they think of the brave new China.

        Nope – Clark and Carter werent and arent Marxists at all. Now Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales – they are probably Marxists.

        The pretend type of Marxist in New Zealand probably couldnt have a revolution as much as they couldnt pull the skin off a rice pudding without a committee to make certain the Health and Safety act and Gender pay equity and Lesbian advisory services were involved at the skin-pulling after 40 hui to decide which side of the bowl to start from.

  • sionethetongan

    (1) Has Chris carter achieved anything in parliament. No!
    (2) Will he be missed? No!
    (3) Will he achieve anything in his new post? No!

    • Dion

      Remember that Cameron referred to Carter as “the gift that keeps on giving”. So I guess that the answer to question 1 is “Yes”.

  • Kimbo

    Is surely a temporary move, designed so he can parachute into a UN sinecure in Manhatten in about 6 months time.

  • Ben

    Got the pop corn and soda ready.

    Problem is I would have probably finished it by the time he gets going.
    [More entertainment at work]

  • Troy

    I just watched his speech. Nothing but more than 20mins of absolute self-adulation and love of self. I gave up counting each instance of “I did this…” “I did that” me me me me. Pity he wasn’t able to recall all things he didn’t do but it was weird how he put Madam Clark up on a pedestal.