Go the All Blacks

Ridiculous rubbish from the NZRU.

We should all put up signs that say Go the All Blacks and see how they get on suing their fans. The Whale wont be stopped that is for sure.



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  • diabolos

    Good on you Cam – i couldnt believe what they did to Colin Giltrap.

    Be interested to see what if anything … happens

  • TitanUranus

    Fecking eejits, its almost enough to make me drink Steinlager,just to piss them off.

    • Hagues

      Actually Steinlager are official sponsors of the NZRU/All Blacks. Heineken are sponsors of the World Cup.

      • TitanUranus

        Lol,thats probably an indication of how much attention I pay to sponsorship deals,cos` nothing could get me to drink that steinlager muck. : )

  • peterwn

    I doubt that Unilever will want the cops to rename Operation Persil (a wash-up on P labs).

  • thor42

    Complete stupidity.
    They’ve already trademarked the All Blacks’ version of the silver fern. WTF ELSE do they need?

  • Mr Blobby

    I wear All Black to support the team. It was a mission to find All Black clothing without any advertising.