Goff memories – Episode 36


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  • michaels

    I wonder if those revolting people would like to get up and sing that again, seems like every word they say is wrong, people seem to love him for his cheeky smile alone.

    Good god, I had that out of my memory banks but now will have to start all over again.

  • greenmuppet

    Priceless.. So are Pete and Trev break dancing.

  • Apolonia

    They sound a bit off KEY!!

  • Dr AV

    Ahh yes, who could forget that pathetic display. You know, its not just that it was performed by a bunch of man-hating pie loving lesbos. It was just not in the least bit funny, corny yes, funny no – and it made them look like children teasing in the schoolyard. (incredibly ugly children)

  • DR AV

    Ahh that pathetic effort from a bunch of man-hating pie loving Lesbos. You know, if it had been even as remotely funny as it was corny then I’d take my hat off to them. But the fact is it was just childish drivel that made them look totally out of ideas to have to resort to this schoolyard antic.

  • Eric

    I had forgotten about that too. To think that MPs thought that was a good idea to write that and then get up and perform it looking like that demonstrates how far the Labour party had degraded under Clarke. Kind of scary to know that people like this want to have some control over how I live.

  • Astoot

    I think you should give the writer of the song due credit here, Cam.

    It was written by Grant Robertson.

    • I was actually written by Mike Hutcheson who is now running Labour’s campaign

  • diabolos

    Not a high point for Labour – or left leaning persons either … i cringe whenever i see that video. And people wonder why i am against tokenism of any sort – particularly trying to establish a non meritocratic system where women (or gay people, or ethnic minorities, religious special interests of any sort etc) are ‘quota’ed’ into positions of influence.

    In that video is a living example of why some people shouldnt be allowed near knobs or levers of any sort.

    To quote Da Ali G … “… its like knobbing two chicks wid da one connie … innit”

    • Oldlogger

      You are so close to the light. Come on over from the dark side. Look… we are over here, all standing with our arms wide open….just another step.

      • diabolos

        Now mate – stop being a bloody cheeky prick. Allow me the ruminations of age and senility in peace and solitude.

        Fucking righties – even want to invade my daydreams.

        Now – let me picture Jenny Shipley in the nude … with a sheep … and jim Bolger in a compromising position …

  • NX

    My gawd – still cringe worthy. My favourite is the Simon Cowell version where he rips into Dyson.

    And to think they use to run the ground.

    Even though this song is a parody, it says much about the current thinking in the Labour Party; Politics of Envy.

  • jabba

    high flyers in the Labour Party with one a wanna be leader .. good god

  • Alex

    It’s a priceless moment: I always think of it when some Labourite says “John Key ain’t got no dignity”

  • Dion

    I love the way they go on about “no policy”, “no vision” and “flip-flopping”.

    The only thing Labour’s had to say for the past 3 years is “the government isn’t doing enough” – which is one of the things keeping these she-beasts away from the treasury benches.

  • monty

    And the great news they all still in Parliament and will be after 2011 election. How cam Labour ever expect to win with those jags still stinking the place out?