Going Green

Yep, I’m definitely a greenie.


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  • rouppe

    What useless shots.

    Both times the shot was taken in clear daylight, and both times the ‘trophy photo’ was taken at night. If they were any good the deer would be down within 25m of being hit.

    I’ve been pig shooting with my brother, where all he could see were the ears of a pig. He shot it, and the only distance it travelled was how far it rolled down the hill.

    Those guys were so bad they should go to a range for awhile to sharpen up.

    • sthnjeff

      What the hell is he doing shooting ahen all he could see were the ears!! No friggin wonder “accidents” happen in the bush

      • rouppe

        a) It was daylight
        b) we stalked it for a wee while, never losing sight of it, and so
        c) had absolutely no doubt what was being shot

    • Looked Like perfect heart shots to me. Deer will often run a fair way when shot in the heart. The way that first buck lept when hit is classic reaction to being hit in the heart.
      I too have had to find deer I’ve shot at dusk with the torch, or even the next morning.
      Instead of knocking the guy, how about some applause for taking the time out hunting with his kids. Memories they will never forget. Great times spent with their dad.

      • Plus they were stand shooting, so nail one and then wait to see if any more come through.

  • Johnboy

    Dead right rouppe don’t think they’d score on Stewart Island somehow.

  • Richard McGrath

    Sorry WO, no ‘a’ in definitely.