Clayton Weatherston’s appeal has been dismissed.

Convicted murderer Clayton Weatherston’s attempt to appeal to the Supreme Court has been dismissed.

The court confirmed last month that Weatherston had asked for an appeal to be heard as the first step of a two-step process.

Weatherston was found guilty of 22-year-old Sophie Elliott’s murder in January 2008 at her Dunedin home and was sentenced to life imprisonment, with a minimum non-parole period of 18 years. He stabbed her 216 times.

In June the Court of Appeal dismissed Weatherston’s appeal against his conviction for killing his ex-girlfriend, Sophie.

His lawyer, Robert Lithgow, QC, argued in the Appeal court that debate about the defence of provocation meant Weatherston did not get a fair trial.

No would he be so kinds as to go and do what Antonie Dixon did.


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  • thor42

    Good job.
    If only David Bain’s appeal had been similarly dismissed. I’m still CERTAIN that that bastard did it.
    Even the judge said as much – he said that there was not a single piece of evidence showing that Robin Bain committed the murders.

  • notavictim

    He should’ve gone with the “I’m to funny to convict” defence. I’m with you Cam the quicker he takes care of business the better.

  • Peter

    If you want to mention the Bain case I would contend that the one piece of evidence that would have influenced me ,if I had been on the jury is.
    What is the first thing a man does when he gets out of bed in the morning? He takes a pee. Robin Bain’s bladder was full.

  • monty

    Is this where each cell should be equipped with sturdy rope, shaky stool and secure eyelet fixed into the ceiling?

  • Jeeves Ponzi

    “What is the first thing a man does when he gets out of bed in the morn­ing? He takes a pee. Robin Bain’s blad­der was full.”

    Wow…. that’s pretty scientific. How about – Get up, do a piss, kill your family, have a drink of water, then top yourself.

    Here’s another theory – If you were a son going to kill your whole family, who would you kill first? Mum? Little brothers and sisters? Nah, didn’t think so.