Government takes over the waterfront

The Government has moved to take over the Auckland waterfront.

The Government will use special powers under Rugby World Cup legislation to take control of the Auckland waterfront set aside for the celebrations during the tournament.

Rugby World Cup Minister Murray McCully will this afternoon outline his intention to tomorrow call up reserve powers available to him under the Rugby World Cup Empowerment Bill.

It has been revealed, ahead of the announcement, that McCully has ordered Government officials to write a new plan to manage the waterfront beyond its own Fan Zone at Queen’s Wharf.

The plan, which turns responsibility from the Auckland City Council over to the Government, will expand management measures and create more space for partying.

“Some of my critics have been suggesting I should take responsibility, well I am. I am stepping in to a space that the Government has not previously occupied,” McCully told Stuff.

“We’re getting on the front foot here and showing a determination to provide a larger footprint and a wider range of measures to assist with the management of crowds and the delivery of amenities.”

This si a strong move by the government. Clearly the weasel words of Len Brown and his flunkies haven’t given the government any confidence in the Auckland COuncil’s ability to deliver on promises.

Expect outrage from the left, but they only have themselves to blame. Question after question in parliament called for the government to take responsibility and action and this afternoon they have.

Len Brown should resign, it is clear his council has failed and it is high time that he accepted what everyone else knows that the buck stops on his desk.



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  • thor42

    This is a good move. Good to see the government not just sitting n its hands but actually doing something to fix the situation.
    No doubt our resident troll diabolos will go on about “it’s the gummint’s fault for setting up the super-city.”
    Bollocks. It’s the council’s fault for only planning for double the usual peak trainloads at the world cup.
    The council f**ked-up with the planning – end of story. Even leftards should be able to see that.

    • diabolos

      Nah mate – you’ve already done that for me.

      By the way when you scratched your arse after burping and farting mate – you missed a bit. I’d wear coloured undies in future if i were you. White y fronts dont suit you.

      Leftardedly yours

  • A big vote of no confidence Comrade Brown in you and your inept organisation. You have embarassed our city and the country, do the decent thing and resign.

    Can any posters tell us whether there is an impeachment process under NZ law.

  • Conway Captain

    Len Brown is all Mouth and Trousres.

    The Auckland Council in its various guiese over the last 5 yeras has had ample time to prepare for this.

    We have so called EXPERTS paid mega tghousands to orga ise this and they have buggered up. The salaries eyc paid to the people on the board and upper e;lechjons of the transport commottee or whatever they call themselves in Akl is in excess of 1 million per annum.

    I wouldnt let them run a church cake stall.

  • diabolos

    Its what they wanted from the outset. This is merely this NACT administration showing its hand and true face.

    They have been steadily setting the supercity up to fail since the election surprise. Now they are moving accordingly.

    Democracy in action – or at least the variety espoused by the Government that rules by decree. Sad day for New Zealand really all round.

    • thor42

      In what way was the supercity “set up to fail”?
      I’m sure everyone here, including myself, would be interested to find out.
      The idea of having a supercity was sound. Economies of scale, instead of having divisive parish-pump politics all over the place, with everyone going in different directions.
      Is there not a place for economies of scale, and for unified effort?
      Or is that heresy, according to the gospel of the left?

      • diabolos

        Sensitive arent we Thor …

        Have you yet seen the books Thor – or the effective ‘washup’ of the amalgamation etc – do you know what the true cost is – or will eventually be. How much disclosure were you a recipient of. I’ll lob the ball back to your court – what do you know Thor – or is it ultimately just politicking for effect?

        Its only set up to fail at present due to a non NACT approved Mayor etc being in place. Thats my assertion and opinion only. What they originally intended wasnt a conspiracy so much as they only perceived bigger as better and damn the consequences. They dont have a plan to govern – and they didnt really have a plan for Auckland. What i personally do think – is they wanted to govern Auckland from Wellington via a surrogate. That plan seemingly got slightly stymied at the local body elections. So now – there is a plan (only my opinion) to set it up to fail – and place that fault at the feet of Len Brown. Thats what i said – thats what i mean.

        Im as critical of Len as anyone – but he isnt the fall guy for this muckup – its broader than that and McCully has made a big mistake. I’ve said here before .. Len should have called a halt to all areas within reason and asked for clarification of the true cost of the change and the status. However – as we all know – promises and expectations determine elections and what happens afterwards.

        But mate – its all only my opinion. I wait in vain for the day you and your disciples ever admit your pubtalk viewpoints are only really just your opinion. Cold day in hell and all that jazz mate.

  • excuseme

    Len Brown must resign. It is the only honourable course for an Executive Mayor who has seen his reputation shredded by his own Council’s failure to adopt embrace sound risk management principles in the lead-up to RWC2011.

    Brown is no ordinary Mayor. By statute he has been granted quite extraordinary executive powers that no other city mayor (and no former Mayor of Auckland) has ever wielded to the same extent. The job of leading the SuperCity was always acknowledged be a major one.

    Sadly, the Council that Brown leads has failed rather miserably, making Auckland something of a laughing-stock internationally. It will take a long time for Auckland to live down the embarrassment of trains, ferries and Quay Street on Friday evening. The city’s redemption will be assisted by Brown’s quiet fading from public life.

  • jabba

    “Len Brown should resign” .. Cameron, it maybe cold today but as far as I know, hell has NOT frozen over yet.

  • Gotta love the media coverage. First 15 mins on TV1 covering the world cup was negative. Not a single positive thing said. Our local rag had pictures of the South African team mixing with school kids – the positive experiences that the world cup brings. Not this bullshit. Media (including bloggers) could balance the crap with this amazing opportunity sitting in our laps – Close games between underdogs and final contenders, public enjoying cultural experiences, teams enjoying cultural experiences. Come on Cam – show us something positive.

    • Joes

      I have been woundering this for a while Digit. Why is there so much negative BS around?

  • Ben

    I LOL’ed

    Damn Thor42 I read you comment above and as so rightfully predicted “he” repiles about 3 comments below. One worth a good chuckle while I am on dinner break.

    Any case, not interested in finger pointing as they are ALL as hopeless as idiots trying to find themselves out of a wet paper bag or more aptly all in a sealed room full of people with no ventilation and doors and someone farts and doesn’t fess up to the crime (while everyone else suffers).

    For now the mission is Saturday when the Aussies “take on” the Irish. I don’t need my nuts handed back to me on a platnium platter TWICE in the space of 8 days.

    • diabolos

      Good for you bennie.

      Loved the reference to farting … so true.

      I didnt “repile” – by the way (did it years ago with a villa – dont want to do it again) … I “replied…”

  • Steve

    da nail is in da coffin

  • John Fraser

    Give the rest of New Zealand a break, the only time we get a good laugh is when Auckland fucks up, and with national in control,we are going to laugh alot.but sorry Auckland most of the rest of NZ dont give a flying rats fu*k about the cesspit,called

    • John, fortunately Aucklanders do give a flying fu*k about the rest of our fellow New Zealanders wherever they hail from despite the fact that a minority are sorry bastards like yourself with a permanent chip on their shoulders. It’s the 21st century mate – get over your provincial thinking.

  • mediatart

    Prediction: Brown will be re-elected because of this.
    It was a smart move to have one of each party in Council appointed to Auckland Transport, of course that pales compared to the governments 7 members

  • diabolos

    Tonight on TV – McCully looked like a duckshoveller and blameshifter – Brown looked like a statesman.

    The National Government and its ‘rats from the sewers’ have done themselves no favours.

    Just an opinion.

    • Mongopolis

      Brown’s lack of answers and obfuscation made him look like a statesman?

      lol ok

      • diabolos

        I said looked – politicians of all colours “look” like something – doesnt always mean they are. I mean look at JK without the F … he’s the SBW of politics – and i dont make that comparison lightly. JK without the F subscribes to different proverbs than the ones Cam posts … something like “…when the shit hitteth thy fan – thou shalt fucketh off and blameth others…” or something like that anyway. Might be after this erection – or the next erection after that.

        So – yep – Len looked like a statesman. He didnt do any more obfuscation than anyone else. What would you do – if some Mr Potato Head Minister gave you a very public wedgie in front of the world? Problem with giving someone a wedgie – is payback does eventually happen. Len might have to do no more now – than wait on the sidelines for something to unravel. Whatever the council has already decided to do anyway after the Friday – will be claimed as Mr Potato Head’s idea and great victory. You just cant win against Government acting unilaterally and without any mandate other than yet more special powers. They should bring Kung Gerry the First up from Christchurch to run interference. Now theres a case of obfuscation by the truckload. Key is the Kung of Newzillnd – and dont we know it. What did they call it in Mediaeval times … Prima Nocte or similar – first rights of screwing for the aristocracy. Bend over New Zealand – your NACT overlords are here.

  • notavictim

    Hey Len, THE GOVERNMENT IS IN THE HOUSE!!! time to move out home boy. Ring Helenator for a UN job.

  • Steve

    Post RWC the Council probably had a big banner of Len Brown put on the side of a building. da mare is da nightmare

  • Glenn

    Auckland got what Auckland deserved. You lot voted him in; suck it and HTFU. Vote sensibly next time or Key will disband local government and take over Auckland, as being ‘in the country’s best interests’. Glad there is no RWC fiasco in Masterton : closest association we have is hosting Georgia (Who? (!) :-) ) and they’re a nice bunch. Safe with children, don’t spikka da lingo, but inoffensive. Games in Palmy, Wgtn and Nelsies. Mind they don’t take an interest in the local women, but, being said, they’re more than welcome to the local women, (bunch of sluts, mostly) and the women are welcome to them also. I got thumbed by some local skagged out teenager at Renall st roundabout this evening – skiving for a lift south I reckon – she shoulda thumbed a bus. Of rugby players.

  • Richard McGrath

    WO, this is central gummint awarding itself more power to “create more space for partying”.

    Surely even you can see this is not a legitimate function of government. What the fuck is McCunty doing nationalising everything on the waterfront so that more Jafas can get pissed?

  • Andrew

    Nah diabolos, Brown looked like a beaten man…don’t be surprised if he slaps him self silly on live TV by the weekend!

  • kevin

    Fucked up Friday night… Sat, Sun, Mon and no real tangible solutions it seems. How long does one wait for the Len and his others to sort-it? McCully just gets on with it while Len procrastinates. Still no solutions offered from Brown, just platitudes, weasel words and more meetings.

  • Alex

    It is no longer a matter of left or right. It no longer matter who is to “blame” for the trains. The simple fact is that if there is another muck up, this country’s reputation as a credible venue for world events will be tarnished. It is a huge risk — both for the government and more importantly NZ — so one can only pray that it’s the right course of action.

    But all said and done, on Monday the leftists were howling and blaming the government for the train problems. Now they’re howling and screaming bloody murder when the government takes control to avoid the very problem they’re accused of being responsible for.

    And Diabolos; surprising as it may seem, some of us follow your multiple threads. On other threads you’re accusing National of “having no plan” and now on this thread the take over is part of some nefarious plan hatched when the supercity was formed. Inconsistent don’t you think?

    • thor42

      Agreed (about the inconsistent thing…)
      Anyway – I asked a simple question (“In what way was the supercity set up to fail?”) and all I got was “they perceived bigger as better” and “that’s my opinion”. Not exactly a convincing reply.
      Auckland is a city of just over a million people. It really is not very big. It does NOT need a dozen or more different councils to run it, all with their own separate agendas and ideas of what’s good and bad.
      It needs competent, decisive leadership. I fully agree that it doesn’t have that at the moment, but the fact that a **mayor** may be incompetent says **nothing** about the structure of the supercity itself. For gawd’s sake, it’s only been in existence less than a year, and yet people (mostly cough lefties cough) want to throw it out!
      F**king ridiculous if you ask me….
      Economies of scale are recognised the world over, and yet lefties still moan and groan about things. So much for them having a grasp of the real world.

      • Sorry mate, “competent, decisive leadership”? The role of the council is rubbish collection and footpaths. What fucking “leadership” is needed? Howzabout they stick to their knitting (rubbish collection and footpaths – which when I lived there they did fucking abysmally) and get the fuck out of the events management business (which they do fucking abysmally)!!!!

        Auckland is a laughing stock because the chickens are finally coming home to roost. We (collectively – not me personally you understant) elected a corrupt half-wit to the mayoralty, and we are now finding out you can’t make a statesman out of a half-witted failed lawyer (or half-witted successful currency trader, for that matter, but that’s a different rant). Perhaps next time C&R or some other “right” (sic) faction will put up someone remotely electable. A “competent, decisive leader” to fill in the fucking great hole Lennie’s dug for poor old Auckland.

    • diabolos

      Alex – my point is – National Plan “on the fly” … classic John Wayne shoot from the hip stuff – like an unguided missile. So – no inconsistency implied or offered – but point is appreciated. They got their undies shot off when he won (interestingly in defiance of the polls) so now in typical NACT form – they hatch another short term plan and execute it – and the rest of New Zealand (or a sizeable proportion of it) suffer.

      As to Thor – he cant answer my questions. Economies of scale is just a fancy way of playing “catchall” and it sounds so intelligent. Thor – i ask again – do you have, or know the figures involved in the amalgamation. Bigger is not better in all cases – not when you consider the sheer cost of conversion. Then what do you end up with. Thor is typical perhaps of how some buy into the NACT and Rightie bullshit – they get neo-liberal religion and suck from the tit of the high priest Key and his fanatical followers. People like Thor (I believe) are threatened by any questioning and seek others to blame for their messiahs shortcomings.

      National conceived the Supercity – not Len Brown. He’s only just been in the chair for what, a year? But hey – its all just my opinion. The RWC planning was 4 years in the making with McCully in charge for a goodly part of that. Len isnt a beaten man – he’s been shat all over by these brutes – but McCully looks like a man on the edge of a yawning precipice. Cam had it so damn right in another post – Hubris. This Government is sipping at that particular cup bigtime. Clark did it and it cost her. It will cost NACT as well. I’ll say one thing for Cam – i dont agree with all that he says etc – but underneath the National supporting exterior he can see all sides of the story – and that facet of his character and personality is starting to emerge increasingly. He’s a realist – not one-eyed at all. NACT are blundering early into a train wreck and they dont seem to see it coming.

  • John Q Public

    Alot of you out of towners are overstating what actually occurred. Only 170 people have so far registered for a refund due to missing part of what their match tickets paid for. Out of 60,000. 30,000 arrived by train successfully and on time.

    I’m told if an emergency button gets pressed the re-set procedure takes 15 minutes. This happened a number of times thanks to probably munters from Hamilton. I’m sure most Auckland train users appreciate there’s an emergency procedure in place at all.

    The irony of course will be that every bastard will take thier car to Friday’s game, and the roads will be fucked and the trains empty.

    • Not the point mate. The point is it ‘appears’ to have been a cock-up, and it therefore ‘was’ a cock-up. Nobody cares if 170 or 17000 people register for refunds. The fact is the corrupt half-wit mayor pushed people into trains, and the trains failed. While, of course, he got himself chauffeur-driven in true gangsta style. It’s the appearance of incompetence that will hurt mate, irrespective of the scale of the incompetence.

    • Alex

      I’m prone to agree with you looking at the thing dispassionately. But the problem is it’s election year, the world cup is an event of international interest, and the leftists (aided and abetted by the media) are intent on making it out that the “gummint” is to blame. So it’s inconceivable that the “gummint” would just sit back and get the blame again.

      The key problem I think is that we’re such a small nation, and so heavily instilled with statist ideology, that too many people think that if anything goes wrong, it must be due to the “gummint’s” failure.

      • diabolos

        Alex – i dont honestly think that the media are doing anything for the left of our political divide. To the contrary they seem to fawn all over Key. No hard questions – and no delving.

        I havent seen any evidence of leftist people or organisations attacking the world cup until this issue arose – and the first shots were fired by the Government and its supporters. Frankly mate – the Government is to blame in my opinion. For a supposed group of people who favour small Government – they seem to do a lot of intervention.

        I disagree about Statist ideology – i think we are a free democratic country – one of the best in the world selling our souls to the highest bidder. Any statist ideology has been killed off like the north american bison – by the railroad workers of the new right ideologies as they’ve pushed the frontier further inland to the Heart of what makes us Kiwis – steadily since 1984 onwards with some respite along the way – but Clark presided over massive compromise in that area too despite being Labour. Clark seemed to be more about giving minorities voices where their numbers didnt warrant it – or at least thats how it seemed. Biggest welfare recipient at that time seems to have been Chris Carter – all massaged and bo-toxed up on the Taxpayer and now poncing around Afghanistan fighting corruption daaahling…

        Its because we are small – that we cant try and act like a large nation – there has to be a balance between a protected economy with planned intervention – and the best of Free Markets but with regulatory controls.

        If the Government is involved and have ultimate responsibility – which they do – than they are responsible. The taxpayer is ultimately footing a lot of the bill for this and other things like SCF and Warner Brothers – decisions and ‘things’ with clear involvement from the “gummint” – so i think we have a right to hold them accountable.

        Just my opinion.

  • Drea

    Not to stand up for ‘Len Brown… the guys an absolute dick, but shouldn’t some of the blame lie with the idiots who pressed the emergency button repeatedly. Not totally to blame for the transport ‘”issues” but it wouldn’t have helped the situation. Time to put cameras on the trains and actually charge the numb skulls who do this for fun. Only problem is… the justice system would only give them a slap on the back of the hand with a wet bus ticket.
    As far as Quay Street and the waterfront is concerned… the only place blame lies here is with Auckland council and the “home boy” in charge. What idiot thought only 50k ppl would turn up. The biggest party of the century and only 50k will turn up (including tourist)… what an absolute brain fart.

    • Joes

      Apparently you haven’t read the news much. You are wrong in a couple of areas.