Green Alert

Apparently the Greens have an alert mechanism to send their green hordes to blogs that mention their names. Well alert this:

Russel Norman and Metiria Turei.

In fact all blogs have to do each day is post a simple innocuous post mentioning Green busy-bodies and the alert will get sent out, the hordes will come and see there isn’t anything to comment on and soon get sick of being spammed by Green HQ. Even better bloggers could just post and turn off comments on that post really frustrating the green hordes.

Catherine Delahunty and Gareth Hughes.


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  • Google Alerts triggered on Rus­sel Nor­man and Metiria Turei and so I just HAD to rush over and tell you that you shouldn’t be so nasty. In fact, they are THE Adam and Even of a resurrected New Zealand under Green policy. Repent while you can, and you too will not only be living in the promised land, it will be just plain orsome!

  • Spiker

    Nice one. Today I will cut down a tree in their honour. Now I just need to choose between a Totara or a Rimu.

    • Richard McGrath

      Russ and Met will be pleased to know we recently had twenty-five trees felled in our back paddock, and our logburner is working around the clock spewing carbon emissions into the atmosphere to heat the house. We now have several years of firewood ready to burn. Carbon positive and proud of it!

  • Mr Blobby

    2nd rate candidates rejected by the main parties. No I won’t be a party to the Green Fascist Dictators.

    Adam and Steve indeed. Next you will be telling us the promised land comes with 30 virgins each.

  • JK

    So now the watermelons have decided that they have to start censure of blog posts. Especially when those blog posts are in any way critical of these green hordes and their totally destructive policies and ideas. They are the most conservative and dogmatic branch of the socialist’s church, comparable to any other group of religious fanatics. And they have the same air of self-rightiousness about them as those other zealots. Don’t criticize them or they will come and get you.
    And to prevent you from such criticism, they will monitor what ever you say and even think… Sharia law Green style….

  • greenmuppet

    Better be an alert that goes off every time a politician is resorting to Hitler/Nazi name calling and comparison. Thought our Greens, which are the “modern” sort, would rather keep distance from the murky past of the green movement in Germany. Yet Kevin Hague seems to have made an exception and did a funny by comparing the government with the Nazis in his blog post:

    Google already seems to be correlating words Nazis and Greens quite well. Have to be more careful, dude, no matter how subtle you sense of humour is. Or there shall be no more gluten-free cakes for you in the Beehive.

  • Phronesis

    The left has been hammering the comments sections on Stuff and NZH. Seems to be an organised campaign to smear Key and National for everything wrong with NZ. Particularly funny when it’s Len’s fault but the Left has never aimed for the thinking vote so I guess they may be achieving something.

    • thor42

      Agreed – I too have noticed the lefties coming out in force onto the comments sections.

  • diabolos

    Not all Leftists are like that – and just as a footnote Veolia Transport is a private contractor (part of the new drive for efficiency) and they run stuff throughout Australasia – and it isnt all Lens fault. If we were to be evenhanded we would say that Auckland has been an accident waiting to happen for decades now. If Clark wanted the thing to succeed she would have made certain that plans were in place when the bid was won. I also would think that the current government would want to as well.

    But that is addressing an offtopic series of comments here – the Greens – i dont have a clue why they would want to be – or be interested in comments on blogs mentioning them?

    Hate to say it – but i dont think any blog or commenting thread has very much to say or refer to that is of any value really, to anyone. Except to determined what the heaving underbelly of New Zealand has waiting in the wings. Most of its quite depressing really – at least thats only my opinion.

    You guys better get used to it – National may be casting around for allies in Government and it may be the greens.

    By the way – Im a leftist – dont believe in Global Warming or climate change and think the ETS is a load of “get rich quick” bullshit for a very few fatcats. Our economy cant afford to go green and thats the stone end of it. It just doesnt make good sense and i’m with Augie Auer …

    I do believe we should look after our environment – but there are limits.

  • Hiram

    Ian Ewen-Street

  • Geraint Scott

    You’re almost right Whaleoil…we actually receive all blog posts. I’m subscribed to your (and a series of other) blogs through the Greens site. Instead of finding and subscribing to them all ourselves, it just signs us up for a whole lot of them at once through the Greens site. So I receive all of your blogs, not just the ones that mention us. Nice try though.