Handup not Hand out attitude

Hard to argue with the 13 year old.

A 13-year-old is seeking a driver’s licence so he can support his family as his father faces a terminal illness.

Jedidiah Smith wants to take over his father Craig’s morning delivery run of chilled goods to supermarkets in Feilding and Palmerston North.

The eldest of his siblings still living in the family’s Palmerston North home, Jedidiah wants to be able to provide for his mother and two younger sisters.

A month ago his father was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour; doctors have told Mr Smith he has several weeks to live.

“If I can’t support my family, they will have to go on the dole. I don’t want that,” said Jedidiah, who is home schooled. “A friend of my father’s has offered to give me intensive driver training. After he is done with me, I know I’ll be competent enough to drive safely. If I did a test I know I’d pass it.”

Jedidiah has spoken to the NZ Transport Agency, police, Palmerston North District Court staff, a lawyer and Palmerston North MP Iain Lees-Galloway in his quest for a driver’s licence.

Much to be admired in the lad’s attitude.


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  • diabolos

    Give the boy what he needs – and jail paedophile comedians while you are at the business of liberalising unnecessary red tape.

    That lad is what this country needs. i defy anyone who wishes to say otherwise.

  • kehua

    Problem is no one would insure him, bastard of a situation all round.

  • Oldlogger

    Bet their are some retirees out there that would drive for him until he’s old enough.
    Our how about someone who’s unemployed offering some time. Half a dozen with licenses on a roster?

  • Pharmachick

    Whale, the same article also said:

    “A transport agency spokesperson said there was no provision in the Land Transport Act for exemptions to the driving age.”

    1) The TA, perhaps; should investigate the strict meaning/interpretation of it’s licensing authority. I am not a lawyer (and haven’t reviewed the appropriate statutes either) but it is likely that exceptions can be granted under the law if there is a will. After all, if the TA will License the lad under a special provision for his age (precedent: licensing for disabled drivers with modified cars), then he will be legally sanctioned to drive.

    2) To borrow (and support) diabolos point: there is also no strictly codified provision under NZ law for admitted guilty parties to escape conviction and punishment either. But activist judges seem to thing “the law” is something the pointy heads study at Uni. (Mate, I am still so seething about that)

  • Mr Blobby

    Good on him for stepping up.
    He is about to get his first lesson in dealing with beaurocrats.
    The first response is no and the second is how can I avoid having to do anything, refering to a phone book of excuses.
    With that sort of economic brake is it any wonder that we are going backwards.
    Beaurocrats the bain of modern society.

  • thor42

    Agreed – the law should be amended to allow for the ability to grant a license in exceptional circumstances (which clearly is the case here). Insurance is a problem (as kehua mentions), but it should be possible to solve that too, with a bit of creative thinking.