Has Duck paid his ticket yet?

via the tipline

Taken on August 13, just two days before the cycle race. Perhaps Trevor was distracted with the race to worry about trivialities like parking properly. Wonder who will pay it or will it be ignored like other laws which don’t apply to Labour?


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  • thor42

    Great! Would love to have been the parking-warden who ticketed The Duck.

  • Michael

    It’s his car, not funded by taxpayer funds (no crest). Remember he got pinged three years ago for not authorising the signage on it?

    • thor42

      That’s OK. What I was meaning was the satisfaction of being able to ticket an MP – particularly a Labour one, and particularly The Duck.

  • Johnboy

    Used to see the Mallardmobile round Wainui ( particularly the shopping mall) a lot, driven by a pretty darkie and parked up just before the Fairfield shops on Waiwhetu road. Pattern has changed, not seen for a long time.
    Maybe best spotted outside silent Tee’s place these days? :)

    • Michael

      Ha! Last election he tried to have a street corner meeting outside my place on Waiwhetu Rd. Kind of embarassing as no-one turned up…

  • Chris

    How embarrassing must it be to be riding around in wheels with Labour’s logo plastered all over it. God, just looking at the picture makes me want to chuck. It being Mallard’s was bad enough, but if it was Dyson’s I would be chucking.

  • Deputy Dog

    I know that he is pissing off the good people of Lower Hutt by auto dialing phone numbers and spouting his crap. A big turn off for swinging voters. Dick Head.