Has she no shame

Fresh after meowing on Radio Live about Catherine Isaac and attracting the scorn of Cactus Kate, Deborah Coddington whines in the Herald on Sunday about regulation of sun beds and skin cancer.

Having achieved considerable glory with his Animal Welfare Act, Simon is now considering writing another private member’s bill.

This one will force anyone who charges people to tan on a sunbed to abide by the guidelines which have been drawn up by the Cancer Society.

Yes, the same Cancer Society whose sunscreen trigger spray, advertised as SPF 30, was found by Consumer NZ in 2008 to be only SPF 23.3.

Apparently, customers who use sunbeds are not being warned that if they have fair skin they shouldn’t be under them too long, or if they’re under 18 they shouldn’t even use them, or blah, blah, blah.

I’m not here to save you from yourself if you’re stupid enough to go near a sunbed.

Readers, you have choices.

You must have been living under a rock for the past 20 years to not know that sunbathing and sunbeds are likely to cause melanoma or skin cancer. With or without the use of sunscreen.

This week of all weeks, after her ‘mare last week it is probably not a good idea to be talking about skin cancer and melanoma and Act. Coddington this time far more subtly sticks the knife in where there is concrete.

She is either thick as two short planks or really has no shame at all. She should just STFU and keep her pining to her herself. Light a candle and place it in your window if you are that upset Deborah.


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  • Mr Blobby

    Interesting what will be next, the penalty for smacking a puppy is more than beating a child senseless. They say Dog is a good feed.
    In some places the sun message has been too effective with people not getting enough sun. You could start with a $150 fine for not stopping someone for going say 5 minutes over up to say 3 months in jail for over 30 minutes.
    What ever happened to freedom of choice? Like the right not to have to put up with anti social criminal behavior from criminals that you are funding accommodation for through housing New Zealand.
    Situation normal all fucked up.

  • Chris

    Deborah Coddington is the Paris Hilton of New Zealand’s media.

    • thor42

      True – only a damn sight uglier and not as bright……

  • Tony Norriss

    I agree with you, Whale. People should be allowed to use sun beds and any other known substance without restriction so long as the dangers of doing so are well publicized. This should have the effect of removing morons from the gene pool.

  • S.M

    Deborah obviously thought that after her attack on the ACT Party she would be “safe” on this topic. After all she had to get a column out.

  • Chris

    Good to see Calvert gone. Just as well given how even she thinks she’s unable to make a useful contribution.

    “What sort of team are they wanting to create and who would fit in? The fit seemed to be in a different direction than would allow me to make a useful contribution.”

    Just a pity we’re going to miss out on watching CK and Calvert “working together”. Now, that would fun.