Have Labour given up?

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A long time Whale Army member has sent in an analysis of Red Alert, wondering if Labour have just plain given up.


I have for a couple of weeks looked at the number of posts and who is making them coming from Red Alert.  I think the MPs have thrown the white (red) flag in defeat.  There now only seems to be between 1 and 4 posts a day on Red Alert.  and certainly only ever 1 or 2 with any substance – the rest being a cut and paste on articles from Hooton saying how Labour are going to be lucky to come third in the 2011 election

I wonder if it is worth going back a couple of weeks so I did:

There are substantial posts where the Labour MPs actually discuss an issue.

Then there is the cut and paste – or lazy blogging – which is what seems to fill the Red Alert pages now.

In the past couple of weeks all the Labour MPs have been able to do a single substantial post per day.  They cannot even get the prospective candidates to write in with guest columns – Maybe if the t*ts lawyer and carpet bagger for the Wairarapa, Michael Bott, could write a column and a few others Like David Clark who wrote a couple but then gave up then they could bulk up their pages and get a conversation going.  But no – looks like Labour have given up.

Reminds me of Homer Simpson giving advice to Bart – “If it’s too hard then give up”

Date Posts Posts with Issues
9-Sep-11 1 3
8-Sep-11 2 0
7-Sep-11 3 1
6-Sep-11 4 0
5-Sep-11 4 0
4-Sep-11 4 1
3-Sep-11 1 1
2-Sep-11 2 1
1-Sep-11 3 1
31-Aug-11 2 1
30-Aug-11 4 3
29-Aug-11 0 0
28-Aug-11 3 1
27-Aug-11 3 1
26-Aug-11 2 1
25-Aug-11 4 2
24-Aug-11 2 1
23-Aug-11 2 1
22-Aug-11 3 2
21-Aug-11 5 2
20-Aug-11 5 2
19-Aug-11 3 2
18-Aug-11 3 3

There can be a few reasons for this

  1. Labour MPs are so demoralised that they have effectively given up
  2. The number of people reading Red Alert has dropped – so the MPs cannot be bothered any more
  3. Trevor has been too busy working out how to steal underpants
  4. Labour MPs have nothing to talk about except cheese rolls
  5. Labour can no long afford the band-width because they are too broken arsed

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  • Whafe

    Cam, I would suggest that you hit the nail on the head with many of your points.

    However I feel it has gone down hill at a rapid rate since there was many posts more or less telling those whom didnt agree with Labour to fuck off pretty much..

    Tell people to fuck off, and thats what will happen..

    I would also say that the whole social media and the way in which it is being used has pretty much pissed a number of people off. I for one cannot believe some of the Tweets for example by many Labour MP’s (I have not seen any sarky childish Tweets from National MP’s) . I mean calling the PM a Prick on a Tweet is odd to me.. I mean you dont have to like him, but to say stuff like that is not cool… I think a good many Labour MP’s need to learn to act better or actually fess up and say the whole Labour party at present is had it

  • diabolos

    The day ANY ‘blog’ becomes any type measure of accuracy or trending or intent is going to be a cold day in Hell in my opinion.

    All blogs cut, paste and manipulate others work – usually via mainstream media or from other bloggers in which case it becomes of case of the blind leading the blind.

    I would tend to suggest that some in Labour may have finally woken up to the absolute waste of time and mindspace that blogs actually are. They are pale imitations of real life and purpose.

    People living in the world of mental shorthand – taking “viewpoint-dictation” from people who may in fact actually know less than themselves … and usually do.

  • diabolos

    Let me correct myself here (and drive Red(master)baiter crazy … Cam – i said all blogs in the comment above – and i said all blogs are a waste of time and space. In that sweeping statement – im wrong. Im not pissing in your pocket – but your blog seems to be showing the signs of becoming an open space – and from my own perspective – allowing alternative viewpoints. Your blog is an irritant to many (including me on many occasions) – but it could chart the way for a more inclusive opportunity for people to air views and comment.

    You drive me nuts sometimes with your comments. But at least mate – you are you warts (metaphorically meant i assure you) and all. Your other commenters have gone fairly easy on me and i want to thank you and them – except Red(master)baiter – because he probably has a hardon just thinking about me venturing onto his site so he can get all manly and powerful with me.

    Bloody left wing bastards.

    Thanks Cam – and thanks also to the other commenters. Even a lefty can find acceptance on the very odd occasion.

  • Cam, I’d suggest this is pretty-much the ultimate SMOG, but I don’t think it necessarily implies Liarbore have given up. I mean, even on a day when there is one new blog post on Red Blurt, that’s a day that Liarbore MPs have published one more post than the National Socialists. What I’m trying to say is that if you’re going to start a party-political blog, you’d better make sure you post consistently because if your frequency drops off, it opens up the type of analysis your army member has done. Whether they’re having a collective bad couple of weeks, or focussing on stealing underpants and cheese rolls instead of blogging, they’ve opened themselves up.

  • I would venture that the reason Red Alert is faltering is because it is just impossible for a left wing political advocacy site to withstand the light of day. To undergo real scrutiny.

    The left live in smokey back rooms where they can plot and plan their strategies and their long marches and their Fabian objectives among one another, safe from the intrusion of reality.

    Any excursion into the real world leaves them defeated. It always follows the same pattern. First they will attempt their flawed arguments, and they fail. Then they attempt their fall back strategy- ferocious attempts to ridicule anyone who opposes them. And they fail again. Then they retreat back into their smokey back rooms, safe and secure among their own again. Always the same old three step dance.

    Leftist blogs are a failure because they are really just an exercise in preaching doctrine and publishing Marxist propaganda, a product that soon grows tiresome and is easily exposed for the utterly false charade it is. Red Alert will eventually fail because it is just another Potemkin village, on the internet.

    • diabolos

      Mate – some leftists Perhaps like me – are employers – run their own business – have run other businesses – and most definitely do live in the real world. You give the impression of a cyclops view – one eyed. Those lefties are this that and the other – and they cant be anything else. How wrong you may be mate.

      If Red Alert fails – it will be because elected people and list people are there to do a fucking job – not fuck around trying to imitate other people including Cam Slater in some gigantic pissing contest that has nothing to do with repaying the taxpayer for their confidence and their votes.

      Marxism – fuck me fuckin days – mate the cold war is over – hear me mate – fucking over and done with. Its all about solutions in this day and age not ideological blamegames. Blogs and social media have one trait – they are fast, they have immediacy and the opinion shaping follows suit. What they also do and which seems to be lost on many – is they are still bound by the dictates of history – they also run the risk of becoming partisan and eventually defying reality in defence of their position. That goes for all political streams of thought.

      How many times so far matey – have you prejudged my political thinking – my intent in being on this blog – and indeed self promoted yourself when i didnt know who the fuck you were from a pound of goatshit.

      Good people with something to offer exist in all walks of life and all types of thought political or purely philosophical. You are the one to preach about an attack strategy. Put your cock back in your pants buddy – maybe then we could have a beer together sometime and can all this bullshit about politics. It all starts with listening.

      By the way i dont smoke – and smokey back rooms are no go for me.

  • jabba

    I like cheese rolls??

  • diabolos

    Just as a closing footnote – after a busy day of spraying a rightwing blog with my views (at least i got the lawns mowed) – you want to know what i think about the bike race challenge with Cam and Trevor … no – you dont want to know – well fuck you because im going to tell you anyway …

    Cam calls Trevor a cripple

    Trevor issues a bike racing challenge

    Cam Accepts – starts claiming victory of the right over the left – only thing missing is the open top mercedes and an honour guard and the talents of Leni Reifenstahl

    Trevor Stupidly accepts in return

    Cam Coins the term via somewhere else of an “Assymetric battle with a blogger”

    Cam and Trevor Have the race – Trevor wins convincingly

    Cam is right – and i hate to admit it – he diverted a sitting MP and Deputy Leader into a stupid battle of wits and body. He suckered a person on the Taxpayers and voters payroll into a stupid situation.

    I was pleased when Trevor trounced Cam. For a while it wiped the Assymetric spittle off Cams face. But it doesnt change the fact that the bike race was like a metaphor for Blogging and the new Social Media wankfest. Stupid – mostly dumb – more stupid – pointless imitation of human interaction and communication all for what?

    Perhaps our system needs a complete rethink – if this is all we are left with – coupled with Keys vacant populism and the fact we have a highly remunerated media who seem to venerate the soundbite as a god.

  • thor42

    I agree with redbaiter – he has well and truly hit the nail on the head.
    The lefties always use the same approach of flawed arguments -> ridicule -> retreat. They know no other way.
    They have been brainwashed by the likes of Minto and co, so that’s no surprise really. They never let facts get in the way of their “arguments”.
    I’ve dropped into Red Alert a few times in the last couple of weeks, just out of curiosity. Gawd, what a waste of time.
    95% of the blog seems to be moans and groans about “the Nats are doing this, the Nats are doing that.” The other 5% is the “flawed arguments and flawed policy” bit. I have NEVER seen a more boring blog than Red Alert. It is **abysmal.**

  • kevin

    What’ss needed is ‘a panel of expeerts’…

    • diabolos

      Last three panels came up with three beauts …

      #1 The Supercity

      #2 John Key memorial cycleway

      #3 King Gerry Brownlee the first of Christchurch CERA

      Cue hilarious laughter and guffaws …all round