He makes people laugh defense?

The mystery fake pilot pilot has been identified. He is Ben Boyce.

The fake pilot who attempted to access a restricted area at Auckland International Airport carried out the stunt for a television show, it has been reported.

3News said it understood the imposter was from the comedy programme Wannaben, which features former Pulp Sport host Ben Boyce. The show appears on TV3 on Saturday nights.

A spokeswoman for Media Works, the company which owns TV3, has not yet responded to earlier calls for comment.

The fake pilot left the airport when Air New Zealand gate staff refused to let him board without the required photo identification.

He was then seen getting into a waiting van, Aviation Security Service general manager Mark Everitt told Radio New Zealand today.

It is understood the van was caught on CCTV, but police won’t comment on whether they have identified its owner.

If he gets charged he could claim he makes people laugh as his defence. He is certainly funnier than his former work mate Jamie Linehan.


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  • michaels

    At least HE was identified before the chance of name suppression.
    I know it doesn’t sound really balanced but they should send this fuck to jail.

  • peterwn

    Tricky one here. Reminds me of the old airport joke when someone yelled out to a friend at an airport ‘Hi Jack!”

    John Burret claimed that his kidnapping attempt was just a game, bu the jury was not impressed and the judge gave him 7 years (he served 5 then was deported).

    In light of 9/11 and particularly with RWC in full swing, airport security staff can be excused for being short on a sense of humour.

    • He should count himself lucky that this didn’t happen in a country where they shoot first and ask questions later…

  • pdm

    He must be just as famous as the child molester fellow – I have never heard of either of them.

  • MarcW

    Shame they didn’t taser the prick when they had the chance. Now THAT would make us laugh!

  • Mr Blobby

    The restrictions on our basic freedom of movement in the name of security. When you look at it sensibly, it is a complete farce that will not stop anything. Freedom at what cost and are we really free or just building prisons for ourselves.

    • peterwn

      Freedom of movement does not include walking into someone’s house or a firm’s workplace. The ‘air side’ section of an airport is no different. You only go there if you have business there as passenger or employee.

  • KerryM

    He has just become as famous as his [WO: As if I was going to let that thru, do it again and you fail the no dickheads policy] who got granted name suppression

  • thor42

    This was a **completely moronic** stunt by Boyce. Really *really* stupid.
    I hope he gets a few months in jail to think over how much of a dickhead he is.

  • Dave

    Given how judges treat “celebrities” in this country…. I’m surprised he didn’t carry a shotgun ‘just for a laugh’.
    I wonder how funny It’d be if security shut down the airport for 2 hours.
    He did look proud of himself on the news though. Maybe we SHOULD put him above the law.

    • demographic

      Ben b is not funny, never has been even when with his [WO: Do it on your own site] sidekick. Stupid stunt which is typical of his stupidness that has choaked our tv airwaves. Good ridance to lame dickhead.

  • JudgeComic

    I dont get it…him and his dickhead mate werent funny then, and now that I hear on tv3 news that wankaben is getting NZfunding on air to the tune of $600,000, well, what a fucked up system that is….these dicks just arent funny….nor are most other pathetic NZ comedians who are mostly just weak parodies of their sad pathetic lives and/or personalities…whatever happened to wit and real humour aka mcphail and gadsby, BillyT etc….the jackass method of humour is over….the sooner NZonAir stop funding crap like this, and dickheads like these, the better….throw them in the clink for a stint…no doubt being a third class wan/…..I mean comedian will get him off the hook…stupid judge!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It can probably be safely assumed that this was carried out with approval from Media Works management so lets see them in the dock as well. I’ll bet this doesnt get too much overage on Campbell ‘Live’.

  • George152

    Prison is the only remedy for this entire group.
    Perhaps other fools will think before they attempt such stunts

  • R

    Sounds like Ben Boyce should just go home and retire to his bed. Alone and sober.

  • Gary

    maybe its a case of “oops I thought I was a pilot”

  • Yes being funny (even when the ‘funny’ is just a disguise for being immature, crass & crude) is apparently more than enough to clear one of any responsibility for any actions no matter how stupid, irresponsible or VILE.

    It would seem the careers of these so-called funny people should be protected at all costs. Apparently laughter, even at the expense of those most vulnerable, is the best medicine. Hahaha. I’m laughing really hard outloud.