How stupid are students?

Only in Auckland University would there be a protest against VSM. Auckland University already has VSM, and the Students Association does very nicely thank you very much from property investments amongst other things. I know of at least one MP who has the student association as a landlord for their electorate office.

But for some reason the morons in Auckland, led of course by a UNITE union activist decided to cause insurrection:

Despite claims a student occupation of the sixth floor of an Auckland University building could be “indefinite”, some protestors have already moved on from the building, but not without causing further chaos around central Auckland.

The students occupied the top floor of the Owen G Glenn Building in opposition to three key issues: the Voluntary Student Membership (VSM) Bill, due to pass its third reading on September 28; the erosion of democracy on campus and the regular hiking of student fees.

Organisers said about 200 students were involved, but the University of Auckland said 60 protestors soon left the Business School building of their own accord.

Soon afterwards, students who may have been linked to the protest also blocked traffic at Vincent and Cook Streets in Auckland, outside the Auckland Police station.

Earlier, Unite organiser and history student Omar Hamed said about 200 students were going to be “here for as long as we can hold it”.

Lock them up and pass the law.



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  • Whafe

    I had to laugh my ass off reading the Post on Red Blurt re VSM last night, there was virtually on supporter of it named Ben….

    All the comments sum up why what Labour are pushing is a joke….

  • Scanner

    Rent a Mob yet again, scared of the goose that lays the golden egg getting it’s neck wrung.

  • Pinko

    There are few things i dislike more than Unite, a mob of filthy dreadlocked socialists with absolutely no understanding of economics, politics, or business.

  • Hollyfield

    This morning on Breakfast Phil Goff was asked about the student protest. In the middle of his reply against the new legislation he said that we already have voluntary membership, students can opt out. However, the new legislation will be “compelled voluntary membership”.

    Compelled voluntary membership?

  • The Bigger Picture.

    VSM is already in place at UoA, yes, but to the detriment of many of AUSA’s services with zero benefits to students.  Over and over where VSM has been enforced a collapse in student services and representation has followed.  Students have NOTHING to gain from VSM but they have a hell of a lot to lose.  

    Not to mention that VSM was voted in by UoA students but NOT voted in by certain other universities.  They’ve already made their own choice.  Combined with the fact that it’s also possible to opt out of universal membership, the whole ‘freedom of choice’ argument is a load of rubbish.VSM sounds nice on paper, but the practical implications are no good at all.