Hugs being banned at schools

Miss Whaleoil came home from school yesterday with some news. Hugs and holding hands has been banned.

Apparently a hug is a form of “sexual assault” if one person doesn’t want it. The “hugging issue” has become an issue because too many girls have been over-using the hug as a form of greeting. As for the holding of hands well one can only wonder at the political correctness mentality of the morons who came up with that rule.

Ironically the new, approved method showing friendship and affection is the “high five“. I had recently read about the origins of the “high five” on Andrew Sullivan’s blog. Andrew Sullivan is one of my favourite blogs to read and he is probably the most read gay thinker in the world.

In the Castro, Burke’s creation of the high five was part of this Herculean mystique. He would regularly sit on the hood of a car — whichever one happened to be parked in front of a gay bar called the Pendulum Club — flash his magnetic smile and high-five everyone who walked by. In 1982, Burke came out publicly in anInside Sports magazine profile called “The Double Life of a Gay Dodger.” The writer, a gay activist named Michael J. Smith, appropriated the high five as a defiant symbol of gay pride. Rising from the wreckage of Burke’s aborted baseball career, Smith wrote, was “a legacy of two men’s hands touching, high above their heads.” …

Wikipedia also notes the origins:

Burke, who was one of the first openly “out” homosexual professional athletes, used the high five with other homosexual residents of the Castro district of San Francisco, where for many it became a symbol of gay pride and identification.

So the school, worried about girl on girl hugging, has now said it is ok to use the “high five” which has it’s foundations as a symbol for gay pride and identification.

Bit of an own goal there.


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  • Brian Smaller

    A lot of schools have these ‘no touching’ policies. I mean, kids in the wild never touch and hug each other, hang of each other’s shoulders or link arms. They all stand around like robots, keeping a respectful gap between each person.

  • Banned by whom Cam? The principal, the BOT or the Ministry? Is the juxtaposition of
    of the Lesbian Dating Site ad right undernath your post coincidental?

  • Mr Blobby

    Damn I get sexually assaulted at least 6 times a day how can I get more. Had no Idea you could overuse Hugs and Kisses.

    Respectful gap that would depend on how well you are hung, in my case a safe distance would be 12 Inches, what’s that in centimeters.

    Now that it has been defined have to say I like being sexually assaulted.

  • michaels

    I pet hate of mine is seeing girls screaming, running towards each other and hugging like they haven’t seen each other for 3 years but infact they had lunch earlier in the day.

    Now in saying that…… This is also utter bullshit, only suprised Labour didn’t bring it in as a policy when they had a chance.
    Oh hang on, in saying that I guess some of them, from the top down, like hugging girls.

    A suggestion though Whale, go to the school and have a hugfest.

  • fredinthegrass

    I’m 68, male, heterosexual, and with the insistence of my grandchildren including one who is 21, into hugging. It is mind-blowingly stupid to ban hugging for it is one of the most rewarding and non-sexual contacts known to humans. Young children learn from hugging to be natural in expressing feelings to each other. What is going on at the school Whaleoil?

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