I go chop your dollar, Ctd

Terry Serepisos has been given the arse from the Phoenix. He of course is preferring to spin it another way.

Embattled property developer Terry Serepisos says he decided to relinquish control of the Wellington Phoenix A-league soccer team, though the handover could have been handled differently.

Serepisos, who is currently embroiled in court proceedings to orchestrate the orderly sell-down of a $232.5 million property portfolio, told a media conference in Wellington the Welnix Ltd consortium which has taken over the Phoenix licence “possibly should have approached me.”

The new owners, originally dubbed the Phoenix Five, actually number seven. They are headed by Kiwibank chairman Rob Morrison and also include Gareth Morgan, Lloyd Morrison, Campbell Gower, James Brown, Henry Tait and Lib Petagna.

He had no talks with them about the deal. He stressed that he wasn’t forced out of the Phoenix, rather it was a good time for him to hand over control and give him time to focus on his personal life.

“I think the consortium could have handled it a little bit different, but as I said we’re here now and this is done,” Serepisos said.

“We have to do the right thing for the right reason.”

Mmmm-ok Terry, sure we believe you, it was your choice. Oh BTW how is that loan coming along from Western Gulf Advisory?

Oh and where is my writ? Still that for that.


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  • Phronesis

    I do hope we hear more about West­ern­Gulf Advisory loan scam. I know people who have been ripped off for millions on much more plausible (although still ridiculous) scams and the fact they seldom make the news can only advantage the fraudsters.

  • thor42

    At LAST. Thank GOODNESS.
    Now – hopefully – the news editors will be able to either ignore Serepisos’ money problems altogether or put them well away from the front page, buried in the middle of the paper.

  • jonnycomelately

    Where would we be without the Terry Serepisos’s in our economy. They buy, build and develop and own high rise buildings, hotels and apartments. Some run close to the wind from a gearing perspective and some crash. Give the guy a break – he had the balls to do it.

  • diabolos

    The guy deserves a medal. Not a condemnatory ideologically driven “burn him anyway” approach to him as a professional and a person.

    Son of Greek Immigrants – self made – and with a spirit and determination many could take careful note of.

    I dont have any problem with people who “own their own shit…” to quote a famous person whom i cant quite recall… – Terry did – he got called names like “Terry the piss…” – i suppose, a reference to his greek surname which is i suppose also, foreign to our ears ….which is sort of like calling someone who suffers from depression .. things like “nuts..” etc and other insulting things – both are equally as bad and morally wrong.

    At least he was never a politician – or for that matter, a blogger.

    And by the way – i’ve not been able to understand what “i go chop your dollar…” actually means.

    God Bless Terry – thanks for all you did with the Phoenix – others have seen your value.

    I dont probably agree with the mans politics or lifestyle – but he deserves better than he has been given from some quarters.

    • If you knew even a small part of his past life along with his current life you would retract all of that drivel.

      • diabolos

        I readily admit that i dont know these things Cam – i just took it on face value.