If Key said this National Party Conferences wouldn't be so bloody boring

Party conferences have become set pieces and boring. Julia Gillard for all her faults actually wants to change all that.

‘‘I believe we must also embrace choice and control within our political party – not just collective action,’’ she said, adding the ALP national conference was an important opportunity.

‘‘I am determined that we have a fair dinkum Labor Party conference, not an American-style convention.

‘‘I don’t want to get my own way on every precise detail,’’ Ms Gillard said.

‘‘I don’t want everything sewn up by some meeting at midnight the night before.’’

Now if we could just get John Key and Peter Goodfellow to follow that advice and sort out National’s conferences. A board that exercised their power might be useful too instead of ceding it to the political wing.


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  • Apolonia

    Democracy instead of PC group think,now that would be a nice change.

  • peterwn

    Judging by the polls, John Key and National must be doing something right (or Labour is terminally hopeless). Shat should be Board be doing – sorting out Nick Smith?

    In any case a party’s election year conference is a pre-election war dance, not a time for navel gazing and bickering. The objective at this point is to win an election preferably outright, no to look forward into the post election future as Labour is doing with its leadership succession.

  • Michael

    C’mon Cam – original thought in the National Party? Verboten.

    • peterwn

      Why do you think this Michael? Sounds like Labour propaganda to me. Labour’s education policy is not original thought – it is the PPTA’s and NZEI’s wish lists.

  • diabolos

    Well first he has to speak clearly enough to be certain of what he is saying …

    And again – a doco on his diction …

    Nuff said i think …