Is something happening?

iPredict on Phil Goff departing as Labour leader is seeing massive trading his morning.

Is something happening?


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  • Fishsticks

    Also ‘there will be a Labour PM after the 2011 election has gone up 6.31% (atm)

  • No idea what that was about. Made a few $$’s out of it though. Pity I didn’t have time to milk it a bit more.

  • NX

    Centrebet in Aussie is buzzing with speculation that Simon Creen may supplant Julia Gillard as leader – and Julia’s early departure from NZ only increasing the speculation.

    Maybe iPredict is merely catching the fever.

  • Anton

    Wonder if Mallard will be mentioning it on redalert? I’d have a look but going anywhere near there these days makes me want to chuck.