Is this your wish Clare?

Clare Curran wishes for her nirvana with state broadcasting:

This is seriously cool. It’s become a bit of a hit I understand. Wish we could do this stuff here. To the same quality.

Perhaps if we had a real public broadcaster. We certainly have the talent and the creativity. Just not the political will to back public broadcasting which believes in more than the next reality TV show.

At Home with Julia has hit a bit of a snag.

Now Clare, imagine this. A real public broadcaster funding a tv show about John Key at home, showing him shagging Bronagh in front of the travertine fireplace in Parnell all while draped in the Tino Rangitiratanga flag….or…shudder…Phil Goff and Mary doing it in the woolshed in Clevedon under the steely gaze of Michael Joseph Savage’s portrait that you just know adorns the walls of every room.

I’m not sure how it would help Goff’s ratings, I imagine the performance would be as wooden as his press conferences.


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  • Cadwallader

    …or Helen Clark doing it to itself!

    • thor42

      I was thinking much the same thing. Maybe the Clark-beast licking a few of the sisterhood…..

    • diabolos

      Or simon power and murray McCully going down on the KeyBeast ….

      Just trying to enter into the spirit of it boys …

      I do love these little rightie fantasy moments – sort of a Plumley Walker memorial …

    • si

      Thanks, I’ve just bought up my dinner.

  • diabolos

    Have to say – i agree with Clare and its a remarkably open ended suggestion she is making.

    I long for the days when Mcphail and Gadsby took the piss out of all sides of the house. They were merciless with Mat Rata – and Muldoon. Ben Couch came in for a real pasting. The days when Tom Scott was merciless with his cartoon lampoons. None of them seemed like paid lackeys of any party – just having a ripping good time.

    It was a leveller. I think she’s right Cam – we need it back. She’s also right that our fawning “Keycocksucking” media dont have the balls to do it. Talentless … all funded by the platinum fund of NZ on Air – “think you have no talent at all – apply to us we have lots of money for you …”

    it might even make us all laugh in the right way – i’m sort of really moving past the itinerant “Libyan truck-tray mounted gunfire” nature of our current Political and blogging landscape. I’ve seen enough real and virtual “arabs” madly firing their “guns” meaninglessly in the air – to last me a lifetime.

    Good old stable, grounded humour – good natured – taking the piss – just like a good old night down at the cossie club and no one bears too many grudges afterward. I hope.

  • Steve

    They don’t like it up them.
    Lefties without a sense of humour. When will they get … never mind

    • diabolos

      Yep you righties are a real living breathing yuk fest … full credit to the team for being prepared to laugh at itself.

      We lefties can learn so much from all of you.

  • diabolos

    Here is a sample of the greats of political satire …—1983-1983

    There were good impressions of Helen Clark and also of Jenny Shipley – somebody or other (cant remember the name ) who played Clark and a woman called Pinkie Agnew who played Shipley.

    She even played Shipley in a satirical movie called the “love mussel” about the discovery of a viagra substitute in NZ ….

  • diabolos

    Heres some classic Mcphail and Gadsby folks …

    Clare is right – its time we had this back … it might just help us to get a new perspective on things…

    • lulu

      Mcphail and Gadsby? 2011 humour should be a 1982 series that was weak when it first aired? Really?

  • medusa

    Am gonna vomit………….. pass the bucket

    • diabolos

      I agree dear – the very thought of John and Bronagh and that very gauche travertine fireplace is just beyond repulsion.

      Dont blame me dear – it was after all – Cams fantasy not mine …

  • Alex

    Given that Clare wishes to “control the message” so the Left can win, any interest on her part as to what state broadcasting should be showing leaves with a sense of unease.

  • thor42

    We don’t have the same old easily-satired pollies nowadays anyway.
    It’s hard to see masses of laughs being found in a satire of Key. You’d get a LOT more by satirising the Labour side.
    Helen Clark would be the goldmine of potential satire (and some has been done on her, of course).
    Michael “rich prick” Cullen would be good material – you could make a lot out of his smarmy, sneery, arrogant attitude being burst by someone else.
    Goof would be good material too, if for nothing more than his gap-toothed looks, constant blunders and single-digit IQ.
    Of the younger bunch, Shane Jones could be good for a laugh as PornBoy.

  • Chris

    Goff wouldn’t have pictures of Michael Joseph Savage adorning every room – more like picture of Ann Rand.