Just bloody shoot it

For goodness sake it’s a magpie, shoot it.

A rogue magpie that swooped on a schoolgirl, gouging a small hole in her head and drawing blood, has been given a reprieve after a public outcry.

The New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) authorised police to shoot the bird after it attacked Samantha Croft, 13, as she walked home from school in Tweed Heads, in northern NSW, last week.

But the execution plan was condemned, with even the Federal Finance Minister, Penny Wong, speaking out against it, and this week police stood down their sharpshooter.

The service then cancelled the magpie’s death warrant, saying that as a result of the publicity locals were more likely to avoid its nesting area.

Some magpies become aggressive during the six-week breeding season, swooping on and sometimes attacking people and animals. According to an ecologist quoted in theĀ Courier Mail yesterday, serious injuries are rare but “at least one eye is lost every year”.

They are going soft in Australia.



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  • diabolos

    Magpies breed like flies – and they do really get antsy at nesting time. I was brought up in the country and they would attack anything in their vicinity. Only bird i know that can drive off a determined attack by a hawk or falcon. I had a pet Magpie as a kid – and cats and dogs wouldnt go near her when she got aggressive.

    They should be shot – same with dogs and breeds that have a predilection for attacking people, pets and things.

  • Naylor

    I’d recommend the use of a simple 12g shottie which increases the sporting opportunity as this pest coming swooping in low or from a great height. Whatever the case a barrel or two of lead will result in a puff of feathers and the good honest folk will be able to wander the park free from these evil birds. HTFU Australia

  • Richard McGrath

    These pests are fair game. I’ve been attacked while out bike riding, fortunately had a helmet on which protected my head. A friend of mine claims he decapitated a magpie with the sharp edge of a barbecue implement when it started attacking him while cooking some steaks outside years ago. Now that would be sport!

  • thor42

    These Aussies definitely need to be hit with the HTFU stick. The magpie should be shot.

  • Spanishbride

    When my Dad was a boy during nesting season he had to put a tin bucket on his head on the way to the out house to protect from dive bombing magpies!

  • Symptomatic of their similar attitude to roadkill. Over there if you clobber some feral pest whilst driving and not quite kill it, you have to back up and take it Wildlife Rescue or some do-gooder will be sure to pot you.

    Here in NZ, apart from the sport of flooring it and aiming directly at the likes of possums, you’d backup to have another go ensure the last rites.

    Bloody Oz blouses. HTFU and shoot the pest.

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    What SB? I thought all Australians were born with tin buckets over their heads.

  • Brian Smaller

    They are damned clever birds though, those magpies. On the farm I can be within a few metres of them and they just caw at me. If they so much as get a glimpse of something held like a rifle, they are off. Annoying things but I quite like them. I did get one some years back with a tennis racket as it tried to bomb me.

  • toby

    For god’s sake, we’re top of the food chain for a reason. Avoid its nesting area? Fark off.

  • Happy Feet and the magpie should have both been quickly dispatched.

  • BR

    Isn’t losing an eye considered a serious injury anymore?

    It’s an easy choice; a magpie’s life or a human’s eye.