Labour flouts the law all over the country

The Labour party has been out in force all over the country flouting council by-laws and electoral law. The law is specific:

221B Display of advertisement of a specified kind

(1) During the period beginning 2 months before polling day and ending with the close of the day before polling day, the display of an advertisement of a specified kind is not subject to—

(a) any prohibition or restriction imposed in any other enactment or bylaw, or imposed by any local authority, that applies in relation to the period when an advertisement of a specified kind may be displayed; or

(b) any prohibition or restriction imposed in any bylaw, or imposed by any local authority, that applies in relation to the content or language used in an advertisement of a specified kind.

This means that within two months Electoral law applies not council by-laws. Labour have broken this law all over the country but none are more outrageous than in Auckland Central. In Auckland council by-laws prevent signage outside of two months. Predictably Cameron Brewer is outraged, but it is not without merit. This sign is at the top of Western Park, on Ponsonby Road right alongside the Rugby World Cup fan walk.

Auckland Councillor Cameron Brewer says it is very disappointing the Labour Party’s Auckland Central candidate Jacinda Ardern has deliberately ignored official advice around election hoardings.

On Tuesday Auckland Council’s senior lawyer Wendy Brandon advised candidates that election signs are allowed up from 12.00am, Monday 26 September – two calendar months prior to the 26 November general election. Signs up around Auckland today breach the Electoral (Advertisements of a Specified Kind) Regulations 2005 bylaw.

“Like every other party, Labour was given very specific legal advice from the council but deliberately chose to breach the bylaw. It’s very disappointing and only reflects poorly on them.”

So Labour were warned, along with every other party, and they chose to ignore advice from the Auckland Council senior counsel.

Mr Brewer says Auckland Council CEO Doug McKay also wrote to political parties asking them to respect the Rugby World Cup and be sensitive to where they put signs up.

“By splashing red around the central city, Labour has ignored the council’s request to be sensitive around the Rugby World Cup. Aucklanders’ have gone to a lot of trouble to have the city looking its best and people won’t appreciate makeshift hoardings on the likes of Western Park, Ponsonby Road.

“The Mayor needs to tell his colleagues in the Labour Party to pull their heads in. Auckland residents and ratepayers deserve better. They have spent over $100m on this tournament and ensuring Auckland looks great.”

So if the law breaking wasn’t bad enough they have decided to hijack the World Cup and splash Labour party signage all over the place during the World Cup, again against specific requests from the Council.

Never mind loyal readers, help is at hand.

Cameron Brewer says people who are annoyed by signs up illegally today, or poorly placed given the Rugby World Cup, should report them to the council by phoning (09) 301-0101.

Why is that the Labour party can’t comply with simple laws. If our law makers can’t keep the law then why should anyone else?


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  • This means that within two months Elec­toral law applies not coun­cil by-laws.

    Nope. Electoral Law applies all the time. And Bylaws still apply during the last two months. It’s just that advertising that fits within definitions in electoral law don’t have to comply with some local bylaws.

    If a candidate wants a big sign, or an early sign, they can get a resource consent. If a candidate wants an early sign, they’ll be able to hire commercial billboard space (which is already consented) etc.

    • Thanks for that clarification…I doubt Labour has consented all those signs though, they aren’t known for complying with regulations, ever.

  • Quintin Hogg

    David Shearers hoardings are going up now in the Mt Albert electorate.
    I’ve just rung the council to complain.
    I’ll ring Wendy Brandon tomorrow to take it further.

  • kevin

    Not unlike French dodgy/opportunistic rugby…

  • Patrick

    allan peachey put up hoardings this morning at 800am on cnr of kohi and st heliers bay road

    • send me a photo and I’ll post it.

  • Ben

    Groan, how typical and what more could I expect.

    Although the photo for the Labour Candidate in Auckland Central is IMHO errr probably not the best. I suppose one way of testing the awfulness of the photos is to see how many toddlers do a runner from the hoarding.

  • John

    Dont get to rightious folks, Honi Key hordings were on every street corner in Napier last weekend when i was up there.
    PS his usual grin looked really shifty as if when the photo was taken ,he was thinking (SUCKERS)

    • In Napier it isn’t against council bylaws so piss off.

    • Gazzaw

      He was probably having a smile thinking about that dumb Labour supporter with the same first name that posts on Whaleoil

  • Hollywood

    Jacinda has one opposite Moto. National also have theirs up but have placed a piece of black plastic over the signs.

  • Mully

    Labour have peppered West Auckland with them. Just drove Henderson to Whangaparoa and back and lost count of all the red signs. Not just for their useless candidates either – a whole lot of “$15 minimum wage” and “No asset sales” ones too.

    There’s a phrase about dead horses that I think when I see a “Vote Labour’ sign.

  • DavidW

    I’ve just passed 4 Labour billboards in the Albany and Unsworth areas. They were up yesterday.

    If you want photos, let me know. I have them.

  • Ady Bombs

    I’m staggered the Electoral Commission were all over Matthew Ridge with his tongue in check sign but Labour are still allowed to get away with what must now be in excess of 100 breaches now in relation to signage. This latest is obviously a very cynical and deliberate breaking of laws. It isn’t based upon any legal advice but more the precedent that they will get the proverbial slap with a wet bus ticket rather than getting hit in their pockets.

  • DangerMice

    Saw a few Labour ones up in Browns Bay yesterday as well

  • David

    Useless greasy fat prick Your one eyed ranting is pathetic, your lying cheating nats are upto the same thing Bennet is sticking her fat face all over the place along with key. Go on report them.