Labour happy to have drugs in schools

The Government, police and schools all want better legal powers to search students for drugs in schools.
But of course, for some, it’s better to protect the human rights of the little scumbags who have the drugs.
Tits lawyer Michael Bott is one of these idiots. He is also Labour’s candidate for the Wairarapa.
Here he is pretending to be a Wairarapa farmer, even though he actually lives and works in Wellington. For a lawyer you would think he would make sure his signs were authorised.
So for Labour, it is better to protect the human rights of a couple of young drug dealing thugs, than keep drugs away from all the decent kids in a school.
Proof that Labour, yet again, has no idea about what real New Zealanders want.

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  • Stuart Peters

    You completely miss the point as usual. Nuanced thought really isn’t your strong point WO. Firstly, it’s not about the rights of “the little scumbags who have the drugs.” It’s aboutthe 99.9% of students who don’t have drugs, and their right not to be subjected to arbitrary searching by police.

    Secondly, offering a legal opinion is not the same as endorsing it politically. Just because Mr Bott believes these searches offend the BORA, does not mean he thinks they are a bad idea – indeed, they might well be a justified limitation on our rights. If so, Parliament needs to legislate for it – although I suppose you’d prefer the Police act with impunity, knowing their illegal actions will be retrospectively validated by this National government a la surveillance…

    • frosty

      I was a student at a drug riddled school once. I would have happily let someone search my belongings in order to catch some of the morons at my school. I won’t name the school, because I had a thick enough skin to come out the other side unscathed – but life would have been easier without the druggies – trust me.
      I reckon the 99.9% of the students who don’t have drugs (and have nothing to hide) would happily see the 0.1% caught and punished.
      And why would you want to offer a legal opinion – publicly – if it is contrary to what you actually believe? You’d probably be better to shut up and say nothing…
      Maybe he wasn’t endorsing ‘politically’ but was at least endorsing ‘personally’ or ‘professionally’ which is as good as the same thing – when you could just say nothing. When you comment on something as a party member / representative – you are commenting politically. As Don is finding out.
      Unless he just wants to (if elected) tow the party line – even if it is contrary to what he believes. If that is the case – Mr Bott thinks the searches are a good idea – it leads to the question – do we really want MPs who aren’t standing for what they believe in? Don’t think so.

  • Richard McGrath

    Another reason to privatise schools so that schools can set their own policy re searches for drugs. When schools are “public”, their pupils have all sorts of rights that should prevent search and seizure in the absence of probable cause. In private schools, the student and his parents have a contract with the school in which the degree of surveillance and searches by the school – as well as obligations on pupils – are laid out in black and white, and if you don’t like the rules, you find another school.

  • Lairdn

    If anyone with half intelligence looks at the world wide issue, it does not work. In the united states and in Australia where I grew up we were subjected to having that type of environment in our schools that you suggest is needed. Michael Bott has what the rest of you idiots wouldn’t bother giving one of these so could scumbags. He has empathy. If people bothered to care about others the world wouldn’t be getting worse, but it Is. New Zealand is not America or Australia. And if we are smart enough as a country we will not allow the national government to strip all of us of our human rights. The national government does not care about people who have serious issues or who come from back grounds which involve gangs or drugs. Is it really ok to call someone a scum bag all because they came into an environment that they had no control over. You and people like you who complain about the problem but have no solutions that’s are non damaging apart from name calling and Giving judgement does not change What is needed in the world. Anybody who goes through life with their eyes wide open does not need to look to far to see that the national government is a strong reflection of the American Government Administration. You think that punishment works? But look in the real world that your talking about. I bet you that you have never even bothered to try and understands someone’s else’s misfortunes or bothered to even step foot into the areas which are high in crime. So while I’m out late at night until 4 in the morning in the streets in these High crime areas helping our young people try and make something of themselves, I have this to say to you. When crime reaches your nice safe area, don’t you dare whinge or complain. Because your attitude is what is stopping the world from moving forward. The national government are ruining our country because The America Government is it’s idol. Look at America it is the saddest most pathetic government on earth. All the highest crime rates in the world stem from there, and you idiots think we should follow in their foot steps??

    • tl;dr

    • Agent BallSack

      I read it it….complete bullshit. What nice safe areas are you talking about? All areas have crime whether its published or not, seen or unseen. Some of the worst offences of wife beating occur in the richest areas and are not reported due to ‘keeping up appearances’. I have no shame in saying I went to Mana College…Porirua. Drugs were always prevalent and consumed by many of school age. I guess if the drugs were not as easily available quite a few wouldnt have been peer pressured into partaking. As a person who struggled with drug addictions for the majority of my twenties I think youre guilty of only seeing it from your one eyed myopic viewpoint. The majority of children are FIRST exposed to drugs in their school years. Any law that seeks to turn this around deserves our support.

  • thor42

    I think it’d be *great* if the police had greater powers to search for drugs at school. “Fence at the top of the cliff” and all that, rather than the ambulance at the bottom. Find the culprits as early as possible. Chances are good that the whole family is dysfunctional.