Labour Leadership and the Glass Ceiling?

The Listener runs profiles of the five people who will be contenders for the Labour leadership. Cunliffe, Parker, Jones, Shearer & Little. There are no women.

Can any Labour people explain why Labour have gone from having a strong leader and a strong operations person as a leader to having no women as leadership contenders?

Did Clark rebuild the glass ceiling as soon as she crashed through it, or did she not bring new talented women into the house? And are there going to be any good women who can challenge for the leadership in the future?


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  • sthnjeff

    When you look at the shower of shite left behind of both sexes, I do not think a glass ceiling was built…. more of a concrete barricade to stop anyone with a modicum of talent rising towards the surface

  • michaels

    I can explain this….
    They have had a revolting lesbian running the show for the last 9 plus years.
    For the last 3 they have had a limp wristed pathetic little man that is probably scared of his own shadow, but of course he never saw his own shadow!!
    And so they have had enough. Time for a change…..
    Personally I wouldn’t even look at slity eyes nor Little Andrew but go with the Porn King.
    He might be fat and a grubby old man, but at least he has a bit of humour. Also he has one of those Cullen tongues when wanted.
    But please, how did Shearer even get close to the list??

  • Hollyfield

    Is the Listener making a statement about who they think will be the next leader when they have one person standing near the bottom of the escalator, one person who looks to be coming down an escalator, and only one reaching the top of the escalator?

  • Positan

    Good women in Labour??? If one looks at the likes of Helen Clark, Margaret Wilson, Judith Tizard, Lianne Dalziel – and the up-comers like Jacinda Adern – where on earth could the word “good” be remotely applied.

    Every one of these females have proved themselves far more focused on self, than applying their dubious talents to benefit others – so who’d want them?

    No one possessed of old fashioned character would ever make it in the Labour Party.

  • Agent BallSack

    Jesus, It looks like Shane Jones is pregnant again.

  • thor42

    What??? No Duck? :)

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