Labour's new election posters

Surely not?

You do have to wonder why they release signs that are so easily mocked.


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  • ((facepalm))

  • jabba

    brilliant .. and true

  • nasska

    We have to ask why they keep doing it to themselves. Maybe it’s deliberate & they’re seeking the sympathy vote.

  • sandynobb

    Is it ironic? Now that Dazza Hughes gone, your ass might be a little safer if you vote Labour.

  • kaisern

    Where were these put up?

  • Chris

    Because Labour are such filthy dishonest scumbag hypocrites who cannot be trusted to do one single thing they say they will do, and that everything they touch is so tainted with this filth and dishonesty that the only way anyone can ever respond is through ridicule. The only way they can ever properly change is to go back to being a left-wing party with left-wing values so that NZers have real choice. If Labour’s MPs or Labour MP hopefuls don’t like it they can join another party, so that means Mallard, Dyson, Goff and King must fuck off now – King especially for her hypocrisy today for bleating about child poverty when Labour in its nine years cut more benefits than kids who go to school hungry. For as long as Labour keeps competing with right-wing parties they will never, ever be credible, and will worthy of nothing but derision and ridicule. Labour are nothing but filthy scum and must be punished for as long as they are dishonest, and then further to make sure they’ve learned their lesson.

    • diabolos

      You couldnt sort of be more specific on that mate – enlarge on the opinion. Further clarification is probably needed.

  • Ben

    [head scratching]

    This is while I think of a response that does not including Rolling On The Floor Laughing My F***ing Ass OFF at work

    That and the Hitler piece about Auckland going round the web has really made my day.

    • diabolos

      I caught up with the hitler piece out of the herald online. Brilliant .. i loved the bit where Mccully (played by Hitler) calls Key a “grinning fool” when he protests to Mccully that everyone loved his speech. Gold – absolute comedy gold.

      And tonight on mainstream media – TV3 – the Allblacks Doctor when asked about the AB injuries jokingly (i think) said – “… i wondered for a while if the Government was going to step in and take control….”

      Real rolling around laughing stuff mate – pure gold

      Maybe the Government could take on the coaching job depending on how the RWC pans out.

  • diabolos

    Maybe they are equating an “ass” to John Key and the National Government. The comparison could be valid.

    Time will tell.

  • thor42

    And we’re supposed to **trust** this rabble to run the country?
    I wouldn’t trust them to run a bath.

  • Mully

    But I like my donkey. Guess I can’t vote Labour then…

    Not that I was going to…

  • pdm

    What I have been struggling with is how they made any sense before they were butchered.

    Interseting that some one added a moustache to one of Nash’s signs on the Carlysle and Thackery (I think) corners in Napier. I saw it tuesday morning.

    • thor42

      Was it a “Chopper” Read one? A real Zapata job?