Labour's own scofflaws

John Pagani was quick to label Ian McKelvie in Rangitikei as a scofflaw.

I wonder what he will do now to likewise label Labour’s own scofflaws? Or will he remain a good loyal silent Labour lickspittle?

Thanks to the vast Whale army the photos are coming in via the tipline. Here’s a few of Labour scofflaws. Keep sending in the photos.

Phil Goff:

Jacinda Ardern:

Trevor Mallard:

David Cunliffe:

Remember for the Auckland signs, if  are annoyed by signs up ille­gally today, or poorly placed given the Rugby World Cup, you should report them to the coun­cil by phon­ing (09) 301‑0101


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  • bigkev

    the duck has one on near every corner in the hutt valley and the $15 minimum wage one

  • middleagedwhiteguy

    There’s a few Kris Fa’afoi signs up around Porirua, and they’ve been there for about a week already.

    • MrV

      Pretty sure Khris erected those signs when he came ashore with Captain Cook?

      • Michael

        Porirua allows signs up to 3 months before an election, so his are fine.

  • bigkev

    the duck has them on near every corner in lower hutt and the $15 minimum wage one aswell

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  • James Stephenson

    Alternatively, get out there with the spray can and “Go All Blacks!” the lot of ’em.

  • Alex

    David Parker (Labour) has his signs up in Remuera.

  • Michael

    Had a Twitter conversation with Duck last night, he said his legal advice said Labour could put those signs up yesterday. When I pointed out 221b, he went silent. Which explains why Labour keep breaking electoral law – they don’t even have a lawyer to explain law to them.

    But by going early, Mallard has picked all the prime spots on the public places. His signs are the most visible for traffic going by. The Hutt City Council should remove them on Monday (and charge Mallard for it) and then given them back on Wednesday so everyone gets a fair suck of the sav.

  • thor42

    There’s only one conclusion to be reached by Labour’s blatant and continued flouting of the electoral laws.
    They don’t give a damn. Laws are for “others”, not them.
    It’s a shame that the maximum penalty for breaches of the Act is only a measly $40K. The Act should be amended to have a MINIMUM penalty of (say) $500K, and no limit on the maximum penalty.

  • peterwn

    What is interesting is that they mainly promote local Labour candidates whereas the overarching objective is to maximise the party vote. Compare with National which for most electorates require two thirds of the signs to promote the Party Vote only. The other third must promote the candidate and party in equal poetions. Also note the McKelvie sign that John Pagani is rabbiting on about. It has no photos but a large typeface – this is to meet sign requirements for state highways.

  • Liberty

    You would think Duckman would mow his lawn first.
    It is in keeping with his politics “shabby”

  • HSV325

    Fat Minger Beaumont has one on the corner Mt Wellinton Highway / Waipuna Rd opposite Countdown. Will have to drive another route now to visit my Mrs now so I dont have to view Minger Beaumonts ugly dial.

    • Travis

      She looks like shit…… there are Twyford ones down Lincoln Road…. and a whole bunch (Jones, Roberston and Beaumont) on Clemow Drive in Mt Wellington…..

    • Gazzaw

      Hopefully the last time that you will have to detour HSV. Sam kicked her arse in 2008 and should do even better this time around. At #22 on the labour scum list she is definitely an endangered species.

  • rouppe

    Hutt’s District Plan says electioneering signs aren’t allowed more than 42 days before the election.

    • Michael

      42 days is for local elections. Because Parliament legislated a date it over-rules the by-law, but it legislated 2 months. Duck and others put these up 2 months and 2 days before the election.

  • Paul

    Theres an Annete King and (I think from memory, never heard of him before) Tirikatene one up in Miramar today