Let me get this straight

So Paul Buchanan tells a towel-head that her grades aren’t good enough and get arseholed from Auckland University for racism and Margaret Mutu says whitey isn’t welcome and academic freedom must be protected?

Auckland University is standing by the controversial head of its Maori studies department, despite calls for her sacking.

Professor Margaret Mutu said white immigration to New Zealand should be restricted because it poses a threat to race relations due to immigrants’ “white supremacist” attitudes.

In a statement, Auckland University vice-chancellor Stuart McCutcheon said academics had a right to free speech.

“The vice-chancellor understands the concerns raised over Professor Margaret Mutu’s reported comments but believes very strongly in the right of academics to comment on issues in which they have expertise, even when those comments may be controversial.

“The Education Act protects the right of academics, within the law, to question and test received wisdom, to put forward new ideas and to state controversial or unpopular opinions. That is an important right in a free society.”

I mean really?

What about the drumming out of Paul Buchanan? Will he now be re-instated?

Will UNITE union be running pickets outside the Auckland University demanding the sacking of Margaret Mutu like they did against Paul Henry?

Where is the outrage of Martyn Bradbury like the outrage he showed against Paul Henry?

What does Pablo think of Margaret Mutu and Auckland University?

The rank hypocrisy of academia and the left wing is astounding.


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  • rouppe

    Agree. Mutu should be sacked just as Buchanan was, for the same reasons.

  • Richard

    Prof. Mutu will find it challenging to find any immigrant group that find the Maori rates of infanticide, substance abuse, illegimate births, crime and a thousand other wasted opportunities acceptable.

    Indeed, almost all immigrant populations embrace the opportunities this wonderful country offer and outperform Maori in the areas that count.

    Mutu is that monkey in silk who is a monkey no less.

  • Ray

    Auckland Uni will do nothing for fear of being labelled racist.

  • Chiefsfan73

    What seems overlooked are the refreshing views of David Rankin.
    “She obviously thinks of herself as the Robert Mugabe of New Zealand politics, and has caused offence to hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders because of her extreme racist views.”

    “As a Maori, I welcome white immigrants,” Rankin said. “They are the ones most likely to bring employment opportunities for our communities, and we don’t see the sort of racism Margaret refers to.”

    It would to see this iew get more airplay, perhaps then Mutu will STFU and go away.

  • diabolos

    Mutu doesnt represent the views of maoridom – thats obvious.

    If they are concerned about anything – it would be the levels of uncontrolled incoming migrants and the imbalances created by that inflow – white brown yellow or polkadotted … not just white.

    I reckon Maori are a major Key to maintaining our sovereignty as a Nation – particularly against rapacious foreign interests that may want our resources for little return to our citizens. They dont need fools like Mutu presenting off the wall cases.

  • Jam_Sammie

    David Rankin has filed a compliant with the race relations commissioner. Good on you David, this clearly demonstrates the majority of Maori are sensible people and the few spoilers like Mutu and Harawera are very much in the minority. I hope she now understands the gravity of what she has said especially from a so called “academic”. At the very least Ms Mutu, you owe an apology to at least 75% of the country if not all of us!!!

  • John Fraser

    As a white mother fucker any thing Mutu says is water of a ducks back,to me.Thanks Auckland uni for giving a racist brown mental cripple a chance to rant and the whities a chance to respond.By the way whats her salary level as its from the sweat of our collective brows (taxes)

    • Richard

      John, the mofo slur came out of the mouth of a Mutu clone (or is that a clunt) who makes a habit of casting insults and them saying he’s sorry. The truth be known Hone appears to have his Oedipal regard for that evil witch mother Titewhai who no-one, except an inbred son would fuck. Mutu would probably make a better wetsuit than she does as a so-called academic.

  • Mr Blobby

    Anti Maori = Racist

    Do as we Say not as we do

    We are all guests of maori it is there responsibility to look after us.

    Maori have all the answers, give us lots of money.

    Everything that is wrong is somebody else’s fault.

    What planet does this nut case come from and will they take her back.

    How exactly is .>5% of the population going to control the other 95%+ especially when they can’t get out of bed in the morning. Especially ingrates who bite the hand that feeds them. Have no pride in themselves, no sense of honor. Saying it doesn’t make it so actions speak loader than words.

    White Mother Fucking Good Luck.

  • Cam, you have f*** all chance of getting any action out of the academia that inhabit Auckland University. As a taxpayer I believe it is high time that we looked into the funding and structure of the tertiary system. There appears to be very little accountancy to the taxpayer and its high time that they came into the 21st Century.
    Why are universities only open 26 weeks of the year? What sort of modern management structure is controlled by Chancellors, Councils & Courts of Convocation? Do I get the impression that it is not only MPs who get lifelong access to the trough?

  • thor42

    Buchanan’s sacking was way over-the-top – bloody ridiculous! He had ***every right*** to tell this student that her grades weren’t good enough. Ok, it can be argued that the “lame” comment was unwise, but that’s a minor matter, IMO.
    The main matter is **why should overseas students think that they are immune from criticism?** They should be held to the same standards as anyone else.
    If they can’t take that, then they should F**K OFF to a PC place like Canada where they will be fawned over.

  • diabolos

    My goodness there is a truckload of conjugal relations with peoples mothers going on here.

    Probably out of most – thor42 has it most right. He doesnt target Maori (who in fact are the lesser of several evils) …

    Blobby particularly has it totally wrong.

    Mate if it werent for Maori (the majority of whom arent the stereotypes you have picked on) we would have nothing left in this country. My ex Father in law was a racist (didnt like Maoris) and an anti semite – but he used to say that the claims of the maori were the only thing stopping the crown from selling off the “queens chain” – the protective belt around our coastline.

    I recommend watching Marae investigates and Waka Huia on Sundays – or indeed Maori Television at all times…. you will see some of the best most unbiased or politically motivated media ever. Also Asia Down Under has some very balanced ethnic viewpoints.

  • Dion

    The entire education sector has had it too cushy for too long. Both Mutu and Buchanan have come out and said things that have brought their institutions into disrepute. Had this happened in the private sector both would have been out the door straight away and dusting off their CVs – and nobody would be talking about it.

    Shake up the education sector (ie make it more like the real world) and the likes of Margaret Mutu would no longer be a problem.

  • navyman

    Why is the taxpayer paying for these dickheads? I respect and defend her right to speak her views , but when we are paying for it , and it is a clear waste of funding , then it should stop. If Prof. Mutu and her mates (Titewhai , Annete , Minto , Hone , Bradford , Tame , etc , etc..had to apply for a real job they would have no show. Dont forget the Labour party set up the union controlled education sector we have now , and this type of BS is the result.
    Hay Margaret…Apply for a real job , stop sucking my (hairy) tit