Mainstream catches up with the blogs

Yesterday Farrar posted the Auckland train Downfall video:

…and tonight more than 24 hours later the Herald does likewise.

Once again the blogs lead and make the news.


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  • diabolos

    Its a very clever vid.

    Most people probably caught up with it via the Herald probably.

  • diabolos

    Apart from the appropriateness of McCully being cast as the Fuhrer and Key being Cast as the General in this very interesting and funny vid – i was intrigued by Duncan Garner this morning when asked about McCully – “will he be asked to resign” Garner said and i quote ….”… no he knows where all the bodies are buried … not just this National administration but several back (in time).”

    Funny little government – appropriate video. I was absolutely delighted when i accessed it off NZ Herald online this afternoon.

  • Steve

    It took nanny Herald 7 days to repeat the Sir Robert Jones fax exchange about homosexual chain smoking mice!
    Bit slow off the mark