Making up the news the Green way

The Waikato Times had an article in the print edition this morning Aabout a family that is presumably on struggle street.

They also had it online but strangely they have attempted to make it go away. Google still has a link to the article:

If you try and click thru you get a Page Not Found error. Why is this?

Well probably because the Waikato Times has been duped by Green candidate Max Dillon Coyle. You see the story isn’t about a struggle street family, it is about his family and he has been proudly tweeting the news to anyone who cares to listen, including a photo of the article, which is where I got it from.

This is shameless electioneering and manipulation of the news by a Green candidate, and he has been caught out. Pity the Waikato Times was likewise caught out.

Perhaps they should teach basic Google skills for journalists these days? But more importantly, did Max Dillon Coyle disclose that he was a Green party candidate when they agreed to do the article? Did his partner disclose the political connections either?

I wonder what Metiria Turei and Russel Norman think about the ethics of their candidate in manipulating the media in such a callous way. It seems ethics does not apply to the Greens obviously, they are shielded from ethics by a strong armour of sanctimony.


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  • thor42

    Good work, WO!
    Not at all a “good look” for the Greens (who try to portray themselves as above all of the mucky stuff in politics).

  • The Greens think that ethics is a county in England.

    Another one for the Whale’s Harpoon Wall methinks!

  • That’s a cute family he’s got. What a dope to throw them under the bus for a few votes.

  • Emmess

    Oh no, I am so poor
    I can’t afford my organic tofu, free range eggs, carbon credits and couple of Toyota Priuses.
    Duh, Wonder why that is?

  • Third time Max Coyle has made the Green Party look like fools…

    First strike –

    Second strike –

    Now we have a third strike… I wonder if the Greens have a three strike policy…

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  • Berend de Boer

    MSM deploys layers of fact checkers.

    We just have a single whale.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if the Waikato Times journalist was in on it from the beginning, and had to dream up the cover story of not being informed once they were sprung.

    Too many media people these days are Green Party supporters first and journalists second.

  • Hippynz

    it’s not the greens manipulating the news. they do not control the papers. it is the times that twist and never fully repoprt

  • Disgusted reader

    Wasn’t his fault, they interviewed her, and she is entitled to her own opinion.
    Grow up