Mallard compares John Key to Nazis

Trevor Mallard sickens me:

Comparing John Key to Nazis and Stalinists is despicable.


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  • diabolos

    No i dont think it is unjustified. Many of the actions of the Key led Government have been of a very totalitarian nature.

    Naziism and Fascism whether we like it or not – have become a metaphor for our times.

    Doesnt matter what the academics observe about that Cam – it is a reality and a valid comparison. Maybe not to you and many others – but to many others it is a valid statement and they have the right to hold that contrary view.

  • Eric

    Union Leaders past and present have turned the public off them. Unions are yesterday (well yesteryear) like Mr Mallard. I can understand his bile because they have provided unaccountable cash and serfs for the Labour and leftist cause. Compulsory unionism meant compulsory giving to Labour. His meal ticket for his life has been unions. Student, Teacher and then the equivalent of the gold watch from the union… the safe seat. Union Leaders and their spawn in Parliament are professional parasites off the very people they pretend to care for.

  • Ben

    Cam, that is putting it VERY VERY lightly (your reaction).

    Mallard Hunting anyone?

  • Grant M. McKenna

    Fascism had compulsory trade union membership, so both Mussolini’s Italy and Nazi Germany had trade unions; the Russians had compulsory trade unions run by the CPSU. Mallard lied. No surprise.

    • diabolos

      All linked to the state apparatus and designed to fulfil the states objectives.

      Not seperate – not independant.

      There is no relevance in your comment to Trevor Mallards use of this …

      • Jonathan W

        As opposed to NZ unions which have utterly no connection to the Labour Party…

      • Jonathan W

        As opposed to NZ unions, which have absolutely no links to the Labour Party…

  • MrV

    You can chat live with Mallard tommorrow.

    I would like to ask him what is the strategy behind tweeting absolute nonsense.

  • rouppe

    Left-ists seem to attach facism solely to right-wing politics. Which is a fallacy.

    The Nazi party: aka National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Initially numbered from blue collar workers. Anti-capitalist and anti-big-business. The fact that it was anti-communist doesn’t mean it wasn’t basically left-leaning, just as Sunni muslims disliking Shiite muslims doesn’t make one of them non-muslim.

    Stalinist Russia. As socialist as yopu can get.

    Now lets look at Mallards Labour government. They brought the Electoral Finance Act, which required individuals to register with the state if they wanted to comment about the government in election year. You know, like Polish Jews were

    • diabolos

      At the risk of giving a history lesson. Naziism was called that – its outworking was not socialist. Key is called a nice man – it doesnt make him one. So you are now comparing the left wing with Naziism? Fascism and its practices has become a metaphor for something neither labour nor national – get over it.

      Stalinist Russia – indeed Russia from Lenin to Gorbachev was not socialist. It was totalitarian and anti-socialist.

      Mate – what you have written is glib stuff – and very unworthy of a scion of the right.

  • BlairM

    Actually, US Conservatives are generally very pro-union when it comes to the private sector at least. If you look at the rhetoric employed by people like Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin etc. around unions, as a NZer I almost find it embarrassingly “left-leaning”.

  • Bobm

    Mallard is a fuckwit.