Maori Caucus wants Goff gone

No wonder Phil Goff thought playing darts was preferable to watching Mita Ririnui’s valedictory speech.


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  • abjv

    Didn’t Chris Carter get drummed out of the party for similar comments?

    • Troy

      yup. What a cock Goff is – watch his body language as he tries to justify his existance – and Labour really think he is prime ministerial? Worse thing about Goff being in denial is that he has effectively sent a message to labour supporters aim for 2014 cos they ain’t gonna make it in 2011.

  • MrV

    If we are going to vote for leaders based on the colour of ones skin or ethinicity rather than the ability and skills to do the job, then what are the chances we end up looking like Zimbabwe?

  • Notabludger

    The Maori Caucus is arguably even less useful than Goff. Goff at least has much more democratic pedigree than the marai munchkins. Best they both be gone to give this country a fighting chance to shake off this tribal/socialist curse.