Mike Lee is Captain Omni-shambles

Mike Lee is scrambling to blame the government for its supercity reforms as to why insufficient toilets, crowd control and a properly controlled atmosphere was achieved down at the waterfront in Auckland.

Yet – this is clearly a misguided and dishonest attempt to divert blame.

The supercity reforms, a massive enough task, were delivered will relatively few dramas. Rubbish continued to be collected, water continued to flow (and for most people, far more cheaply), and consents continue to be issued for construction (probably still too slowly).

All the management of these tasks were implemented properly by the transition agency and handed over in good condition on November 1 of last year.

The Supercity reforms can not be blamed for fan zone management. The RWC was won years before the Royal Commission heard people on Auckland reforms.

But there has been one constant during this time – Former ARC Chairman and current Chairman of Auckland Transport Mike Lee.

Lee, who has been ultimately responsible for transport improvements, waterfront upgrades and the Ports Ownership for much of the last 6 years has much to answer for this massive omni-shambles.

It was he who prevaricated and dithered over Queens Wharf for most of 2009 and 2010.

It was he who was responsible for the performance of rail for the last 6 years (taking credit whenever he could, so suck it up now that it failed)

It was he who presided over the pillage of the Ports of Auckland for dividends that put them to the brink of financial ruin.

It was he who has been on the the supercity council and the Auckland Transport Board for the last 10 months, focusing on pie in the sky rail projects Auckland can’t afford instead of the greatest sporting event coming to Auckland.

If there was ever a single person mostĀ responsibleĀ for the omni-shambles in downtown Auckland on Friday night it is Mike Lee.


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  • Terry Fearns

    Thanks to Mr Lee for demonstrating it’s well past time for ALL previous opponents of the supercity to now do the honorable thing and seek a career elsewhere. Gone by the end of RWC please.

  • John

    It was Lee who shot down the waterfront stadium – which will be to Auckland’s loss for all time. The man is a catastrophe.

  • JJ

    Once upon a time if you held a position of power and failed at that job you were accountable.
    How many of these high paid public servants actually have the balls to resign instead of blaming everyone else for their poor performances. Time to get the broom out and bring in some younger fresh faces who can actually do the job, far to many dinosaurs.

  • The left are burning up at the thought that John Key might get some political advantage from any successes associated with the RWC. It would not surprise me in the least if they (like Len Brown) did all they could to slyly sabotage the event. Like (for example) making sure that transport arrangements ended up in chaos.

  • Scanner

    Face it Mike and Loosehead Len, you couldn’t deliver so you got the sack.
    Now fuck off quietly whilst you’ve got the chance.

  • mrgradgrind

    What about Auckland Transport Chairman Mark Ford. Should he face the firing squad as well?

    • JJ

      Yes he should. Failed.

  • thor42

    Agreed, WO. The supercity restructure was long f**king overdue.
    It is as plain as Helen Clark is FUGLY that planning for only a doubling of peak-hour passenger numbers at world cup time was a f**king stupid thing to do. Completely inadequate. The supercity had f**king NOTHING to do with that.
    The reason that lefties are against the supercity is that lefties are against ANYTHING that means a reduction in the number of bureaucrats and troughers. Lefties are against ANYTHING that could work (and which THEY can’t take credit for).