MMP fails lefties

via Facebook

MMP supporters think that it delivers diversity but I think Peter McCaffrey really has a point here.


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  • reid

    I’m a left-hander and I’m going to the HRC tomorrow morning to fill out a form.

    Thanks Cam.

  • pdm

    What about left footers – or are they over represented?

  • Cactus Kate

    Dan Carter is left footed, this suggest that they are indeed already given preference over us right footers.

  • navyman

    I’m not concerned at all by this , it just confirms the greenies are complete tossers

  • diabolos

    I have a 10 inch penis. I feel i’m not adequately represented.

    Righties on here keep calling me names – like “youre a big dick diabolos” to which i have to answer …. yeth i am

  • pdm

    Diabolus – can you use it as often as some of those already there alledgedly do?

  • TheBug

    You know what annoys me; elitism in sport. The rugby world cup is the perfect time to say that sport isn’t just for people who can do the job the best and the ABs should adequately reflect the total sporting abilities, and cultural, religious, non-religious, political persuasion etc of the population in general.

    So I say that we should be replacing Dan Carter with a one-legged, transexual lesbian tree-hugger to show that we will no longer stand for the best person for a job getting it!