Money well spent

My mate David Tipple must be laughing out loud this morning at the success of his advertising campaign for his Fathers Day sale at Gun City. The wowsers have attacked and now he has front page billing in the country’s biggest daily.

A Father’s Day promotion at an Auckland gun shop offering a “mystery firearm” for $1 to the first person to spot it on the racks has been labelled sick, sad and irresponsible.

But the man behind the bargain stands by his offer and says the dad who gets the gun will be “God blessed”.

As part of its annual Father’s Day sale Gun City in Mt Roskill is offering a special deal to one lucky punter on Saturday. If they spot the gun with the $1 price tag – it’s theirs to buy, providing they have a current Firearms Licence.

But anti-gun lobbyists say the promotion may send the wrong message to the public.

Professor Kevin Clements, director of the National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at Otago University, said there were already “more than enough guns” in New Zealand.

“I think that it is a very sick and sad promotion for Father’s Day,” he said.

I think it is a great promotion and just because it has bent Keith Locke and the gun wowsers out of shape I might just go along. Look at their gay comments.

“Gun cultures survive by promoting what is known as ‘hyper masculinity’. Such hyper masculinity is somewhat out of sync with a masculinity that favours good parenting, family attachments, equality, sensitivity to women and so on.

“The messages that Gun City are sending are likely to heighten gender divisions and create something of a pall over what should be a day when fathers immerse themselves in family, friends and the joys of home.”

What a load of namby-pamby rubbish with not a shred of evidence to back it all up. I’d rather have hyper-masculinity than gayed down, limp-wristed wowser-ism. My missus wants a man who can protect his family and feed them through skill.

Since it bends them out of shape so much here is a little song for them of about hyper-masculinity gun culture.


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  • Spiker

    Spiker – Proud member of the gun culture. :-)

  • HARD1

    Pro­fes­sor Kevin Clements sure is on another planet . To think someone pays him to spout this rubbish . Just take the phrase “more than enough guns” . He means no more should ever be sold . Quantify “enough” , you Professor of Stupidity .
    WO , you didn’t actually feed that cat to your family , did you ?

  • Gravedodger

    My two daughters, together, during their college days joined a small bore rifle club, without reference to their parents to gain a proficiency in the safe use and successful operation of fire arms.
    SWMBO also has a degree of proficiency around guns.
    Tipple is just operating a legal business very successfully and I’ll bet real pension money very few of the fucktards who would disarm the Nation completely would have any ability or understanding of safe use of firearms.
    They would not consider for a moment that removing the legal, compliant educated who involve themselves with weapons, from free access would make an iota of difference to the illegals such as the idiot Mongrel Mobster who fired the shotty into a rugby crowd in Wairoa.
    Just take our weapons stop us having a drink and then they came for the testicles.
    Just do not try it while I have the strength, adequate eyesight and can remember the access code to my gun safe.

  • Angrywasp

    Guns don’t kill people…. PANDAS Kill People!!

    I dont have any stats to back that up… but going by wimpy left wing logic cos I said it its true



    Director of the National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies….says it all really. Thank god for people like David Tipple and the approx 230,000 firearms license holders, men and women, who provide an alternative role model to those plastered over the media every day.

  • grumpy

    David Tipple is a devoted family man and a good honest businessman.

    I am sure that infuriates the Lockes of this world and the limp wristed gay namby pambys that inhabit the “intelligensia”.

    One less!!! Chris Carter is off to Afghanistan. He could do worse than visit gun city before he goes – one for him and his husband!

  • Well Mr Keith Locke you can kiss My Hyper Masculine ASS because if going out and bringing food home on the table and enjoying the great outdoors is a bad thing, then all I can say is I’d rather be doing that on fathers day than be at home playing with dollies and teaching my kids how to cross dress you shady eyed little hand wringer. All I can hope is your Hyper Femininity accelerates the genetic extinction of your inferior blood line, NZ needs more real men rather than you the sad excuse of your type. Lets make some completely unsubstantiated comments about your type shall we, and what you’d rather be doing to young children behind closed doors on fathers day.

    NZ Herald … you make me ashamed to work for you … how about actually checking your facts on the gun related stories you release. Yesterdays comment about unregistered guns in NZ when talking about a Drug dealers stash … If you’d actually bothered to do your home work or ASK, you’d know that Pistols, MSSA’s and Restricted weapons are registered, only sporting rifles are not. How about printing the truth and actually sticking up for the law abiding firearms owner for a change.

  • grumpy

    Suggest Chris Carter and his wife try to find it before they leave for Kabul.

  • grumpy

    Chris Carter and his wife should have a go finding it before they leave for Kabul.

  • Glu

    So Pro­fes­sor Kevin Clements knows me so well being a firearm owner, looks like I will have to stop helping my kids with there homework and playing with them every night , taking them to sports every weekend or surfing and hunting with them most weekends
    and will also have to stop treating my wonderful wife like the most amazing person she is just so I fit into this stereo typical image he has of firearm owners .

    hyper mas­culin­ity man AND PROUD OF IT .

    • notavictim

      Glu– well said that man.

  • Stuart

    It’s all very well to be a firearms advocate, which I disagree with, but I don’t see why you have to insult homosexuals along with it. Although I probably shouldn’t be as offended as I am, insulting people for no reason will probably make more sensible readers ignore the rest of your ramblings.

  • grumpy

    Here’s a photo of the guy – make your own mind up.

  • Alimonkey

    Cameron, I read your blog on Depression which I much admired you for, thanks. However, to then read in this blog “look at their ‘gay’ comments” I was so disappointed. One of the big contributors to teen suicide is stuggling to come to terms with gender issues such as being gay and yes I know you are joking but really anyone who suffers from depression should show a bit more awareness and compassion. Less of the bigotry thanks.

  • Tim

    Punk ass Keith Locke, I’m sick and tired of his intolerance to peaceful law abiding citizens. Do I go around hating on his gay sodomy loving ass…

  • Tim

    I’m sick of Keith Locke and his intollerance..

    Do I go around hating on his gay butt sex, sodomy loving livestyle?

  • Mr Blobby

    It is the David Tipples of this country that get out of bed in the morning and go to work, earn money, and pay Tax. The same Tax that funds educated morons living in there ivory towers completely cut off from reality. The same Tax that funds unelected list scum MP’s.
    Would asking for a Thank You be too much?
    The anti man, anti family morons should try doing an honest days work. Try contributing in a useful way to society or just STFU.
    Scum like you like to turn the spotlight on others to hide what you get up to behind closed doors.
    Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. In New Zealand we don’t use guns, we use Knives, bats, sticks, cars, fence posts pretty much anything else we can get our hands on.
    The massacre in Norway would not have been as bad as it was, if someone anyone had a gun handy.

  • RAS

    Don’t worry about Kevin Clements, he just has sand in his vagina.

  • diabolos

    Not all leftwing people have a problem with guns. They’ve never been a problem in New Zealand because we seem to have a healthy view on them – they arent (or in the past werent) seen as penis extensions loaded with ammo. My Father hunted ducks and pheasants with a shotgun – and shot pigs with a .303 rifle in tokoroa. I was brought up with at least one or two shotties in the house (my Brother had an italian single barrel and i think my Father had a double barrelled american make) – and went walking and hunting with my father from when i was young – always liked building the maimai. They were kept in an unlocked cupboard – and we never touched them under strict orders. We were trained to be cautious when following an armed person – and the shotgun was always broken till needed. Caution and method were employed when climbing fences etc. My Father usually hunted with Setters or Labradors or even believe it or not .. a huntaway cattle dog.

    Now if we lived in the US – with some of the interbreeding going on there – yes i would have a problem with guns.

    I mean there are men – who are – well – men – then there are people who like to portray themselves as a penis on legs – my Father called it something that roughly equated to “compensating” although of his generation they didnt use that language. I think “boys amongst men” was the usual line at the pub – funnily enough it used to be applied to a lot of male schoolteachers. No problem now – cos theyre all old women of the same sex willingly neutered by a very gay and PC society
    There is a difference i think, between men – and over compensators … I think most thinking people can tell the difference.

    Now where is that woman and that club – im off to kill something.

  • Mike

    I saw David Tipple run from our premises – an international freight forwarder – with the bosses cellphone held “hostage” after he stormed in demanding the release of imported goods for which he refused to pay the outstanding costs.

    Needless to say officers were deployed but i think he escaped charges (for once).

    Good honest business man?


    definitely has at least a slight streak of nutjob about him

  • TitanUranus

    Oh dear,Keith Locke,Kevin Clements and Nicky Hager ( ),
    who would of thought you could have made a living being whiny little bitches?