There is no excuse for this sort if inane law breaking.

The rules of this council are perfectly clear:

“Signs shall only be permitted in the two-month period prior to the election.”

Which is why my wife doesn’t have any signs up in this neighbourhood. Yet.*

Maybe the National candidate does not know the rules.

Perhaps he should ask the mayor.

What implicit pressure is placed on the council when the scofflaw is the mayor, his worship, himself?

I hope John Pagani writes a letter rather than just writes on his little read and obscure blog. That said it is nowhere near as outrageous as Labours repeated law breaking and probably the Electoral Commission would view it as an inconsequential breach caused by an enthusiastic volunteer.


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  • There were Josie Pagani signs all the way through Bulls when I drove through on Monday last week.

  • rouppe

    Disclaimer: I could be mistaken in my interpretation!! Happy to be corrected – politely.

    I think the rules are to provide an over-ride to any local bylaws. That is, local bylaws don’t apply in the two months before the election.

    Earlier than that, the local bylaws do apply. The Manawatu District Council is basically saying the same thing as the Elec­toral (Adver­tise­ments of a Spec­i­fied Kind) Reg­u­la­tions 2005 which was changed in Jan­u­ary 2011.

    Note Sectino 4(b) that says that this law applies only in the 2 months preceding and that 4(c) says “nothing in these regulations limits or prevents the display before polling day of any advertisement relating to an election that complies with all applicable prohibitions or restrictions imposed in any enactment or bylaw, or imposed by any local authority”

    The MDC does also say that
    – Signs shall not be located on roads (this is from boundary to boundary) or on Council properties.
    – Consent from property owners need to be obtained for signs on private land.

    If you look at the sign (and the ones in your original post, actually) you can see that the sign is inside the fence, so is not between the boundaries, and presumably had the consent of the land owner.

    I am not convinced that these signs break the law, as they are on private land with presumably the consent of the owner. And yes, Kris Faafoi has heaps all along SH1.

  • Tarbash

    Quite right Whaleoil – it’s a stupid mistake and bad form, but nowhere near as bad as taking $800k of taxpayer money and influencing the outcome of the election. I doubt that McKelvie’s signs going up a few days earlywill win any votes – if anything, he may well end up going backwards.

  • Luke

    for all the smart asses above, Bulls is in the Rangitikei Council, that allows 3 months.
    These signs were in the Manawatu Council that allows 2 months, clearly said on their website. Note there have been several breaches, one has been up for a week and a half.

  • This is nothing to do with the Electoral Commission. It’s a breach of the district plan/local bylaws.

    Rouppe: you are correct. In the two months prior to polling day, local bylaws about placement of election hoardings can be over-ridden if you abide by certain rules (not bigger than 3 sq m etc.). Local bylaws can allow signs up before then, and some do.

  • There should be consequences for an error like this. It gives the opposition a chance to put the boot in.

    All I can say though is I’m very glad I’m not a poly and have to double check everything I do.

  • rouppe

    Now that I’ve had a bit more time to trawl through MDC’s website…

    The rules as shown by John Pagani clearly state;

    Signs for electioneering purposes are a temporary activity under our District Plan.

    So we should go to the District Plan to look at the rules around Temporary Activity. Specifically to the rules.

    If you go to Section 2.2(a)(xii) You see that it does cover electioneering signs.

    Then we go to 2.2.3(G) and we see that in fact

    Temporary signs for events and electioneering shall only be permitted in the
    two month period prior to the event or election, and shall be removed no
    later than one week after the event or election.

    So he is breaking the rules.