Murray is "in da house"

Murray McCully has taken control to sort things out after days of opposition politicians calling on the government to act. Act they did, and now we know why:

A new plan to control hundreds of thousands of Rugby World Cup fans flocking to Auckland’s Party Central is being rushed in today after the Government discovered nothing had been prepared to manage waterfront revelry this weekend.

The Mayor, Len Brown and his council are missing in action with plans for downtown.

Mr McCully also took swipe at the local planners over transport problems, saying he and other ministers had “asked very searching questions of Auckland transport over a long period of time”.

“Suffice to say that there were assurances given about specific things that would be done that were not honoured.”

While Len Brown was practicing his raps, Auckland Transport under the control of Mike Williams and Mike Lee has bollocks up the transport.


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  • sthnjeff

    Auckland is now reaping what they sowed when they killed off the idea for the new stadium.

    • There were a number of big problems for a new stadium.

      1. There was no where to put it, plonking it on the waterfront would have meant moving the Port.
      2. It would cost more than $1 billion, who was going to pay for that?

      • TheBug

        Which brings into question whether Auckland needs a port? Modern ports don’t create huge amounts of employment and take up prime real estate; plus are an eyesore that detracts from the tourist dollars coming in.

        So can the port, build the stadium and use the money that you get flogging off the space to developers to pay for it.

      • sthnjeff

        Agree that the Waterfront may not have been the best option, but somewhere close to town possibly Carlaw park? would have been a far better option. A stadium in the middle of surburbia just does not make sense. As for cost, The Cake tin in Wellington was built for a cost of $130m just 10 or eleven years ago. It seemed a proposterous amount of money then but now?…pfft

        • Again a comment from someone out of Auckland. Carlaw park would have been a terrible solution. Small, cramped, bad access and parking not to mention privately owned and being re-developed

          • sthnjeff

            Out of Aukland now Whale… I saw the light a few years ago and got the hell out of dodge!!! For every place that could be suggested, reasons could always be mounted against it. And Carlaw Park was only one option of course, The “Tank Farm” may have been another. When the Cake tin was proposed, a number of people wanted it placed in Porirua ffs or the shithole that was Athletic Park merely redeveloped . Sense did prevail and look what Wellington now has and what Auckland could have had!

      • MrV

        Not to mention the obvious dumping an extra 60-80 thousand persons onto the wharf.
        A waterfront stadium (with water on 3 sides, as indicated by the design) would mean the main access to the stadium would have been via 1 side.
        Carlaw park was the best option, it had both rail and motorway access.

  • TitanUranus

    Mark Ford as Auckland Transport CEO is getting big bucks to fuck this up, and he is missing in action.
    Just another clusterfuck he can add to his collection.

  • diabolos

    If that reporting by ‘stuff’ is correct – then i guess thats not a good look.

    However – if thats just skewed reporting then maybe the jury is still out. Either way i still dont think it looks good either for NZ or the Government to take action in the way it has been taken. The guy interviewed on Breakfast this morning had a very different take on matters relating to this. The other question has to be – how does the Minister in charge only find this out (supposedly) now? If he was asking searching questions of Auckland Transport – maybe he isnt good at searching questions. Dunno – we’ll see.

    Either way – i hope it all runs smoothly this time round. Could have been handled differently by McCully i reckon but if you arent on the inside of these things you’ll only find out something resembling the facts later on i suppose.

  • Conway Captain

    Here we have a prime example of “we have to pay these salaries to get the best talent”

    What is Mark Ford on???? $500K, what has Mike Lee been bringing in for the last how many years he was at the ARC??? What are we paying Len Brown????

    If this is the best we can get for that huge amount of money, then heaven help us. Were they recruited by the same mob that gave us the head of The Defence Scientific Establishment??

  • chfr

    sthnjeff I was one of the idiots who wanted Aotea. God am I glad no one listened to me and we now have the waterfront cake tin.