Nashy's Fire Engine not authorised

via the tipline

Stuart Nash has got a Fire engine for his campaign vehicle.

It is well past the 26th now and there is still no authorisation statement on his fire engine. Also not the out-dated Labour logos.

I wonder if this could be classed as a mobile billboard rather than a campaign vehicle. He’s been driving around in it all year but I note that he also has another sign written car….that is going to make it hard to claim this as a vehicle rather than a mobile billboard.  It is parked every week either outside his prominent corner site in Napier, or right in the first park you see as you drive into the Napier Airport.

A month ago he added a big playpen to the top! What’s that about?


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  • Stuart Nash

    Thanks for posting the photos – great publicity. Fire engine is authorised – and has been for a while now. Difficult to zoom in, but if you look above the ‘S’ in ‘Stuart Nash MP’ on the front side of the engine you will see white writing saying ‘Authorised by’ and then below in black ‘Stuart Nash, 137 Station St, Napier’. People of Napier will be seeing the engine out and about more over the coming months. Cheers S

  • Travis

    How does this work with things like caravans that have been parked up on the side of the road and left there…. Like brendon burns’ in chch??

  • Monty

    To be fair to Nash there is an authorisation statement (God how I hate to defend any Labour scum List MP). it has been written on with a black marker pen on each front door. (so amateurish and cheap it is typical of Labour).

    you have to get up close an personal to see it as it is so small – and I missed it when the gay fire engine was parked up at Napier airport in the back corner on Tuesday afternoon.

  • Russell

    It’s quite ironic that his office was for years the premises of Napier’s Monumental Masons, perhaps there is an old grave stone out the back that can be recycled for Phil after November.

  • I obviously haven’t seen the whole thing, but from what you show here, it doesn’t need one. This appears to have nothing to do with the election at all.

    Also, the rules apply every day of the electoral cycle, not just in the last three months.

  • Lindsay

    Authorisation statements must be printed on all forms of Publicity during the election cycle. The only exception is basic contact details. Name, address, phone, email are the only things that are exempt! No website addresses, no facebook logos, no taglines nothing that could be considered persuasive. Clearly Graheme, the big red engine is NOT exempt….although who he is trying to persuade is anyones guess? LOL

    It must have cost a heap to buy the thing, not to mention all the signwriting and the play pen thingy….. what about the petrol?? It better all be coming out of his campaign funds!