National's List

Here is National’s list. I’ll comment in separate posts. Big movers in bold.

National Party 2011 List () 2008

1 John Key (1)
2 Bill English (2)
3 Lockwood Smith (12)
4 Gerry Brownlee (3)
5 Tony Ryall (6)
6 Nick Smith (5)
7 Judith Collins (7)
8 Anne Tolley (10)
9 Chris Finlayson (14)
10 David Carter (9)
11 Murray McCully (11)
12 Tim Groser (15)
13 Steven Joyce (16)
14 Paula Bennett (41)
15 Phil Heatley (22)
16 Jonathan Coleman (29)
17 Kate Wilkinson (30)
18 Hekia Parata (36)
19 Maurice Williamson (8)
20 Nathan Guy (18)
21 Craig Foss (33)
22 Chris Tremain (31)
23 Jo Goodhew (39)
24 Lindsay Tisch (19)
25 Eric Roy (28)
26 Paul Hutchison (23)
27 Shane Ardern (24)
28 Amy Adams (52)
29 Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga (35)
30 Simon Bridges (51)
31 Michael Woodhouse (49)
32 Chester Borrows (32)
33 Nikki Kaye (57)
34 Melissa Lee (37)
35 Kanwaljit Bakshi (38)
36 Jian Yang (-)
37 Alfred Ngaro (-)
38 Katrina Shanks (46)
39 Paul Goldsmith (-)
40 Tau Henare (26)
41 Jacqui Dean (40)
42 Nicky Wagner (43)
43 Chris Auchinvole (42)
44 Louise Upston (53)
45 Jonathan Young (66)
46 Jackie Blue (45)
47 Todd McClay (54)
48 Alan Peachey (34)
49 David Bennett (44)
50 Tim Macindoe (55)
51 Cam Calder (58)
52 John Hayes (50)
53 Colin King (47)
54 Aaron Gilmore (56)
55 Jami-Lee Ross (-)
56 Paul Quinn (48)
57 Paul Foster-Bell (-)
58 Maggie Barry (-)
59 Ian McKelvie (-)
60 Mark Mitchell (-)
61 Mike Sabin (-)
62 Scott Simpson (-)
63 Claudette Hauiti (-)
64 Joanne Hayes (-)
65 Leonie Hapeta (-)
66 Sam Collins (-)
67 Jonathan Fletcher (-)
68 Heather Tanner (-)
69 Denise Krum (-)
70 Carolyn O’Fallon (-)
71 Viv Gurrey (71)
72 Karen Rolleston (-)
73 Brett Hudson (-)
74 Linda Cooper (-)
75 Karl Varley (-)



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  • Thomas

    How on f**ken earth did that tits from Akld Central do so well?! Are the nats THAT desperate for women?

  • Scanner

    Disappointing to see Phil Goff not appearing on the list, after all he seems to working the hardest to keep the Nats in govt.

    • Doug

      ROFL I love it!

  • So with Smith at #6 they’ve clearly got the moonbat faction sewn up.

  • Cadwallader

    I expected Leonie Hapeta, the soon to be MP for Palmy North would’ve climbed further.

    • If she had a decent Regional Chair instead of a dim old placard waver she might have got on better. There is a very good chance that she will win Palmerston North though.

      • peterwn

        She owes a debt of gratitude to her Labour opponent for giving her heaps of name recognition by protesting and campaigning outside her Hotel Coachman in Palmerston North.

  • thor42

    I’d say Tolley is well out of her depth at number 8 on the list. The Nats need to get a REAL hard-arse education minister to dismantle the teacher unions and introduce pay-for-performance. Tolley has been very disappointing – piss-poor, really.

    • peterwn

      No, this needs lots of subtlety. Look what happened when National at the behest of Business Round Table tried to put the boot into the Firefighters Union. It was a total rout. She has done a good job with National Standards so far. If I was in her shoes I would abolish teachers’ reps on school Boards of Trustees and have a Ministerial rep instead as a next move.

  • Hagues

    Not exactly a lot of new blood coming in to freshen up the party.

    • That’ll come in 2014 Hagues. National will have learned from Labour’s mistake; they brought a lot on new MP’s in in 2008, and the second term is the time to send out hints to some of the more senior MP’s that their time is finite. Labour failed to clear the decks in 2005 and that cost them in 2008, as it will this year. The Nats will not make that blunder.

      And great to see Lockwood Smith rewarded with #3. He has become the best Speaker in my memory, which stretches back to the 1960’s. He has done much in the last three years to rebuild the reputation of Parliament.

      • It should be noted that the top of the list reflects cabinet rankings.

      • Hagues

        Yeah I wouldn’t have expected a major clean out this time around, but would have been good to have maybe 2 or 3 new drawcards in the top 20. So light on fresh talent they have to include a United Future reject, not really inspiring.

      • Mr Blobby

        Well said Inventory2 Dr Lockwood Smith has indeed been one of the fairest and impartial speakers. At times he must think he is dealing with a bunch naughty little children, but he does uphold the dignity of Parliament. It must be a very lonely crusade.
        It is fun to see MonKey and the front bench troop pouting like naughty school children when told they have to give a reasonable answer to a reasonable question.

  • Cadwallader

    Based solely on Party Votes and the most recent polling…who gets in?

  • pdm

    Cadwallader – DPF has it.

    Whale – Is Malcolm Plimmer not the Regional Chair for that area (Manawatu/Central?Lower NI) now? I know Malcolm and would have thought him to be a top man in that role.

    • Yes it is Malcolm Plimmer. He is inept and rats on his mates.

      • Cadwallader

        He is an out of step two-times loser.

  • Mr Blobby

    It does beg the question what do you have to do to get rid of 2nd rate politicians who are not capable of performing. When MMP and the party list gives them a get out of jail free card.
    Fall flat on your face in a by election and move up the rankings. Introduce a bill to parliament removing an out of date piece of legislation when you could have introduced an omnibus bill and removed many pieces of redundant legislation, promoted up the list. Get up in the house and an absolute load of twaddle that nobody understands, moved to the top of the list. Speak honestly and from the heart about an inconvenient truth and be dumped to the bottom of the list.
    Exactly how do you “keep the buggers honest”.