National's List Ranking, Ctd – An unruly caucus

As posted in July caucus is going to be a lot more difficult to manage for National.

Until now the threat of a bad list place has meant many list MPs have towed the line. This threat is now void. The next threat, membership of cabinet, is only going to be good until the PM announces cabinet in the new term. Those who have been in parliament since 2005 or earlier and who don’t make it will realise that they are never going to make it, so won’t feel obliged to be good team players.

The new intake will also not be that concerned about the team. They have almost no chance of making cabinet in this administration, and the quickest way to the front bench for them is for National to lose and senior MPs to retire. So don’t expect them to behave, because it is not in their best interests too. Politicians have an uncanny knack of only ever working in their best interests to the exclusion of anyone else.

Pollyannas who think MPs are good team players should look at how Helen Clark gutted the Labour Party and how rooted Labour is now. They should also look at John Key’s stance on the MMP referendum, where it is clear that National will become the Natural Party of Opposition if MMP is returned but Key won’t do anything about it because it doesn’t affect him.


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  • While I agree there will be some degree of unruliness Whale, what you’re decribing requires a degree of rat cunning that I just can’t find in anyone on the list. The list you’ve published this morning is nothing more than a great big bucket of mediocrity. There is nobody there with the ability to take over from Key (not that he would be a particularly difficult act to follow; again with the mediocrity). I mean, English again? Do they want to crash back to 22%? Smith? Would he even get them into double figures? Nah, they’ve done exactly what the Klarkenfuhrer did to Liarbore; created a list so completely bereft of talent that when those with the required rat cunning depart (Key, Joyce, Tinkerbell the Appeaser, McCully) there will be a total vacuum.

  • Mattyman

    In regard to the referendum National are thinking stupidly short term. All we’ve been given by MMP is dodgy dealing, backroom deals, fighting over list positions and rubbish government.
    grow a pair JK.