Nek Minute

What a lack of national standards gets you.


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  • diabolos

    Similar diction and prunciashun to John Key … the kung of newzilln – just a bit rougher round the edges and without the Beemer.

    Seriously though – that lad sounds as though he either has an actual speech impediment or something akin to a cleft palate – its sort of the tongue and soft palate out of kilter.

    Just an opinion.

  • mafy

    He’s putting the voice on – he’s a skater/artist who was on 20/20 –

  • Opal0ne

    Ah you were sucked in Cameron – both by an artist making a joke, and by a government intent on pushing ideology instead of addressing fundamental issues in our education system,  Testing is a technique appropriate to production lines, and only then when it’s cheaper to throw out the failures than to fix whatever is causing the failures further up the line.  Have a look at the business model Finland applied to their education system, with brilliant results – google ‘education in finland’ for some highly informative articles.