Nepotism Watch

Bill English’s brother score a primo position uncontested.

Finance minister Bill English says the public service must “trim the fat” – but his brother has landed a lucrative contract at the Health Ministry.

Former Electricity Commission general manager Mervyn English is working on a new Health Sector Forum. Another consultant Paul McCormack, a former GP, has been employed to give specialist advice. Neither job was advertised.

The ministry would not say how much they were being paid.

My sources tell me that this guy is a veteran trougher and a tosser to boot. I am reliably informed that he will be getting in the order of $300k p.a. equivalent as a contracter. Not bad for an uncontested position.

There are two things that I think we should be doing to combat this sort of blatant cronyism/nepotism:

  • In the public service anything over $50k should be contested; and
  • When the guy’s brother is the minister of finance, especially this minister of finance wouldn’t you (the  Min of Health) exercise a little more prudence?.

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  • Yeah, just what the country needs- another fat cat public servant draining the taxpayer dry and delivering SFA.

    You could get at least four nurses for those dollars.

    Waiting to hear why the job wasn’t advertised.

    Government is the problem not the solution. National should know that.

    • diabolos

      Not just another public servant mate … more like close kissing cousins and National Party supporters. Gold

  • rouppe

    Yep. At the very least this should have been an open, contestable appointment. Especially due to the relationship with a senior minister.

    This is not a good look, and I am as suscpicious of this as I was with all the nepotism at Te Wananga o Aotearoa

  • Jam_Sammie

    There is a distinct stench of rodent…

  • Scanner

    What a shocking lack of judgment, I thought this sort of cronyism went to New York with Helen.
    Stupid is just the only way to describe this blatant effort, this is the sort of shit we came to expect from the previous govt, and we all thought it had come to a end.

    • diabolos

      I seriously tend to think this sort of cronyism transcends political affiliations mate – i think its possibly endemic to politics and power. Along with shocking lack of judgement – it sort of goes with the territory.

  • diabolos

    Good one Cam – quite right – someone also needs to pot Jenny Shipley too for the outrageous $1,000 a day rort all at the expense of Christchurch etc (apparently she wouldnt along with her fellow rorters – have worked for any less, according to Kung Gerry the first).

    Well spotted.

  • Johnny Come Lately

    Cam wrote “In the pub­lic ser­vice any­thing over $50k should be con­tested”

    It generally is unless you are an approved panel supplier and even then it is offered to the panel which normally consists of 5, 6 or more suppliers.

  • lulu

    Does anyone know what this means “to establish and co-ordinate the Health Sector Forum and provide a forum for health leaders to achieve a whole-of-system approach to translating the Government’s health priorities into collective action”? Sounds like somethign out of Yes Minister.
    Does it mean to organise a place for everyone to get together and talk about getting shit done? Really? They weren’t doing that?

    • thor42

      That sounds bizarre! You can guarantee that when you see phrases like that used, the people will end up delivering absolutely nothing.

  • Apolonia

    This is the sort of thing that happens in the banana republic that New Zealand has become.It will only get worse if people keep voting for red-Labour and blue-Labour. Next thing we’ll have the police dropping four-year old terrorism charges a day or two before a major sporting event, then we’ll know we’re really stuffed.

    • diabolos

      Already have – all done and dusted and dropped

      So yep – we’re probably stuffed …