No double dipping

Chris Carter is off to Kabul to fight corruption.

Expelled Labour MP Chris Carter is leaving New Zealand to tackle corruption in war-torn Afghanistan.

Te Atatu MP Carter is to take up a post in Kabul with the United Nations. He has previously said he would leave parliament at the election.

It’s understood Carter is to quit next week before flying out that weekend.

His departure won’t force a by-election because it is less than three months to the November 26 election.

Prime Minister John Key said he heard about the appointment last night.

“Kabul can be a bit of rough place,” he said. “Good luck out there.”

Carter was booted out of Labour last year for plotting against Labour leader Phil Goff and is now an independent MP. Before that he was demoted for using his ministerial credit card to buy personal items.

Goff said: “I’d wish anybody going to Kabul well, but what he does is his affair.”

He didn’t give Carter a job reference. “He didn’t ask and I wouldn’t have given one.”

When I heard the news I tough I’d Chris a call and see if he was going to do a double dip rort. He assured me that he isn’t and he was careful not to. He told me that if he waited quietly for three more weeks and then resigned he would have been able to score pay through until February, but he has lerned his lesson and so decided to make a clean break and get on with his new job.

I wish Chris all the best, though I’m not sure he knows what he is getting himself into going to Kabul.

Can’t wait till his book comes out though.


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  • TonyM

    I wonder how Chris and his husband will go in a Muslim country. I wonder what will happen when the Teleban take over again……………………………….

    I wonder if Helen assisted him in getting a good UN job?

  • Scanner

    There won’t be a book now Chris has scored a nice little sweet number jacked up the witch from NY, such is the price of silence.
    Rest assured he won’t be there for long, the towelheads take a very dim view of buggery between grown men, they seem to prefer boys as their chosen sport.
    A year in Kabul to hone his troughing skills then whisked off to some cushy number in a nice warm country that has a tolerance to fagots, no doubt with a nice fat unaudited expense account.

    • No he told me the book is coming out next year. Even told me the title, but I am sworn to secrecy.

  • jocko

    Goff didnt give a reference….then who might have been/were the three?

  • Ben

    Tackling corruption? talk about the fox guarding the henhouse, I imagine he will have to do some deals with corrupt warlords if he wants access to the Bacha Bazi

  • Eric

    @Ben. Exactly! Imagine employing a recidivist rorter to catch other recidivist rorters. I imagine after the grin has worn off he will find that Kabul is not a place for queens and show ponies.
    @scanner. I think you are correct, if he can serve the time as the Kabul corruption crusader and learn a bit more about how the pros do it, he will be able to join the wicked with of the west in NY and rort the world.

  • Mr Blobby

    A year of hardship post educating the corrupt and then off to a comfort post in Southeast Asia to educate the pedophiles.

  • Cartwright

    Nice homo-bashing there lads, well done.

    I guess it’s really just another mental illness ay?

  • jabba

    “The shallow man”
    “1 1/2 men”
    “Hard Labour”
    “Im a really nice guy butt!”
    “the fall and rise of Christopher Carter”

    are any close to the title?